About That Time Captain Boomerang Ran Around Naked On The Suicide Squad Set

About That Time Captain Boomerang Ran Around Naked Suicide Squad Set

Jai Courtney has no qualms about letting it all hang out on set, and he was all too eager to show off the goods while filming Suicide Squad . If you're wondering how in the world you missed seeing a naked Captain Boomerang during the movie, you didn't. However, the film's director, David Ayer , as well as the people on set that day, did get to see Boomerang's other pinky.

Stopping by Conan O'Brien 's show Thursday (December 1), Courtney confirmed to the talk show host he did in fact chase his director around naked. While relaxing in the nude in his trailer, Courtney was treated to a surprise visit by Ayer and just went with it. His co-star, Jay Hernandez , egged him on by saying, 'Sic 'em, boy,' because squad goals.

Courtney's spoken about the Naked Run before on MTV's ' Happy Sad Confused ' podcast, but this time there was photographic evidence — which O'Brien was all too eager to share. Check out the clip below.