About That Time Invader Zim Harvested Children's Organs

About That Time Invader Zim Harvested Childrens Organs

Fifteen years ago today (March 30), Invader Zim first touched down on Earth with the mission to capture the planet. What's now become a cult show, Invader Zim introduced us to dimwitted robot GIR, paranormal investigator Dib Membrane, emo and apathetic Gaz Membrane, and alien Zim himself. The cartoon shares its anniversary date with that of The Fairly OddParents .


With its dark humor and gothic settings, the Emmy-winning show was clearly meant for older kids, and that became 100 percent clear after 'Dark Harvest' premiered. This episode creeped me the hell out as a kid (and continues to as an adult), because it was all about Zim harvesting his classmates's organs in order to appear more human.

Oh, and this episode was apparently referenced during a murder trial when now-convicted murderer Scott Dyleski allegedly 'joked about body parts after watching ['Dark Harvest'].' Welp, that explains a lot.

  • For starters, is that Voldemort? Nickelodeon

    If so, it would explain the real reason he went to the dark side. Once an alien steals your organs, you're undoubtedly going to have trust issues.

  • And was this supposed to be some kind of vagina joke? Nickelodeon

    Just wondering, because that was the vibe I was getting, especially after Dib averted his eyes, uh, downward.

  • Moving on, a school with a class in taxidermy seems fitting for an alien who wants to harvest human organs. Nickelodeon

    And putting that classroom next door to biology deserves an A+.

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  • Was this shot necessary? Nickelodeon

    If we hadn't seen the camera outside the bellybutton before going down the long, brown tube, it'd look like we were traveling via another end. Gross.

  • All right, now we're talking. Second organ snatched! Nickelodeon

    To be fair, it's not like this chick was using her brain that much anyway. But still, replacing it with a can of poop seems a tad cruel, Zim.

  • Word to the wise: Never leave your auxiliary hall pass unattended. Nickelodeon

    Because then it'll be forced into your classmate's body, replacing one of their vital organs. It could happen to you.

  • Organless children, organless children everywhere. Nickelodeon

    Where are the teachers? Nobody knows.

  • Like I said, IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU . Nickelodeon

    Seriously, where are the people in charge of this godforsaken school?!

  • The inside of Zim's organ-harvesting alien body is what I imagine the inside of several hotdog eating champs's stomachs looks like. Nickelodeon

    There's just so much going on in your body, it's a lot of handle.

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  • Harvesting organs: Not even once. Nickelodeon
  • Seriously, Dib is the only one who even notices what the hell is happening here. Nickelodeon
  • W T F Nickelodeon
  • Hello Darkness, my old friend. Nickelodeon
  • What kind of school is this? Nickelodeon
  • Welp, no nightmares can derive from this. No, sir. Nickelodeon
  • Nor from this. Nickelodeon
  • What is this, A Nightmare on Elm Street for kids? Nickelodeon

    Complete with spooky boiler room .

  • Well, that's a bummer. Nickelodeon

    And it was super unsettling Dib's fellow humans didn't recognize the big ass alien sitting right next to him.

Takeaways from this episode:

1. If you go to school, you run the risk of your incognito alien classmate harvesting your organs when you least expect it.

2. No one should have six hearts, spleens in three different colors, and 3,473,573,025 other organs inside their body.

3. This show was creepy AF but so, so good.

Happy 15th Anniversary, Invader Zim !