Actress Shelley Hennig Dishes On Hot New 'Teen Wolf' Couple Malia And Stiles

Actress Shelley Hennig Dishes Hot Newteen Wolfcouple Malia

Malia Tate hasn't been human for long, but it's been time enough to shake the ' Teen Wolf ' fan base to its core. Last season, the werecoyote and Stiles got it on in the creepy Eichen House , begging the question, 'WHAT ABOUT STYDIA ?' Now, in an interview with Hollywood Life , the actress behind Malia, Shelley Hennig , says the characters' relationship will strengthen in the coming episodes.

'In Season 4, you see [Malia] accepting being human, and I think a lot of that has to do with the connection that she has with Stiles,' Hennig says. 'Coyotes are very faithful and loyal animals, and she finds her mate. Apparently, coyotes find their mate, and they mate for life, because they are loyal. So she found her partner, and it’s Stiles. And luckily, he reciprocates.'

Hennig reveals that Malia's brashness (hey, it's tough ditching your animal instincts) will turn off a lot of the pack in the upcoming episodes, but that Stiles will remain in her corner and is committed to helping her make the leap from beast to human. Still, things won't all be hunky dory for the duo.

'You’ll see that Stiles and Malia are best friends, but I’m sure, just like every partnership, there comes something that puts you at a crossroads,' she says. 'And so, that might happen this season, and it’ll get tricky.'

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Photo: MTV