Adam Levine Is Literally Unraveling In Maroon 5’s Bizarre ‘Wait’ Video

Adam Levine Is Literally Unraveling Maroon 5 S Bizarre Wait Video

If you thought Maroon 5 ’s video for the SZA collab What Lovers Do was a wild ride, then just wait. Your eyes are about to see SO much more craziness.

For Wait — the second single off of Maroon 5’s sixth album, Red Pill Blues — the band recruited famed video director Dave Meyers, who’s overseen everything from Camila Cabello’s Havana to Kendrick Lamar’s Humble. In this one, he captures a surreal breakup mess, as frontman Adam Levine repeatedly fails to get his girlfriend, played by Baywatch actress Alexandra Daddario , to stick around.

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It begins with a shirtless Levine getting punched into Daddario’s coffin at her funeral, kicking off a series of bizarre breakups. In one scene, Levine swims in a sea of mermaid clones. In another, he tries to touch Daddario’s face, but it turns to mushed paint. It all comes to a perplexing finale in which she drives away, leading to Levine’s (very literal) unraveling.

Now let's take another look at that crazy-as-fuck ending, shall we?!

Oh, yeah. That GIF will definitely haunt you.