Alanis Talks About Getting Nude For New Video

Alanis Talks About Getting Nude

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Alanis Morissette has never been afraid of being candid in her music, and the Canadian singer's frank, confessional style helped her 1995 premiere, 'Jagged Little Pill,' become the highest selling-debut album in music history.

Now in Morissette's latest video, 'Thank U' [28.8 RealVideo] , she becomes physically candid by appearing nude for much of the video, even as she walks the streets, subways and supermarkets.

Morissette talked with John Norris when her current club tour on Wednesday, and said her Lady Godiva-esque turn in the clip was the result of an improved relationship she has with her body.

'I think [I've reached] a turning point over the last couple of years,' Morissette explained to MTV News, 'and I've been seeing my body so much more as an instrument, rather than the ornament it is encouraged to be seen as by society and people

in general.'

'I had objectified myself a lot,' she added, 'especially through my teen years, and I just reached a point that [I became] very comfortable with my body and take care of it . Yet I don't feel overly attached to it in that I don't think it is exactly who I am.' [28.8 RealVideo]