Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon Break Character On SNL To Make Sure You Vote

Alec Baldwin Kate Mckinnon Break Character Snl Make Sure You Vote

Saturday Night Live wrapped up its last episode before Election Day last night (November 5), offering up its final bit of election commentary before Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

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The show began much like the other episodes from this season: with a cable news showdown between Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Clinton (Kate McKinnon). However, after trading the usual barbs about Hillary's emails and Trump's supporters (including Trump kissing an FBI agent, Vladimir Putin, and a KKK member on the mouth), Baldwin and McKinnon seemed to break character, saying they 'hating yelling all this stuff,' noting that the election has been 'so mean,' and that they feel 'gross all the time.'

In comes 'Wake Up' by the Arcade Fire , as Baldwin and McKinnon escaped 30 Rock and rushed to Times Square, where they hugged Trump and Clinton supporters, handed out balloons, and ate cotton candy and soft pretzels before returning to the SNL studio to call on people to vote.


Things got a little misty in my living room. Also, host Benedict Cumberbatch and musical guest Solange were there! Below are some of the night's other top sketches:

Next week's post-election host is Dave Chappelle (!) with musical guest A Tribe Called Quest (!!).