Alert: Cole Sprouse Just Had His First Shirtless Scene On The CW

Alert Cole Sprouse Just Had His First Shirtless Scene Cw

Filming a shirtless scene is a right of passage for every young actor on The CW — or, you know, every thirtysomething painfully passing as an undead teen. So far, Riverdale seems keen on exploiting Archie Andrews's (KJ Apa) beautiful, chiseled abs in every episode (and I am not complaining), but in the most recent, it was Cole Sprouse 's turn to strip down to nothing but a towel.

In the episode, titled 'In a Lonely Place,' Archie catches Riverdale's very own Holden Caulfield in the boys' locker room, post-shower and sans cap, in the wee hours of the morning. (Honestly, Jughead might as well be naked without his hat.) He's been living at Riverdale High in a cupboard under the stairs. Yes, I know we're supposed to feel terrible for poor Jughead — and I do — but that doesn't mean I can't also appreciate some shirtless Jughead action for once. It's only fair.

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OK. So it's not the thirstiest shirtless scene I've ever seen on The CW. (Nips or it doesn't count!) But it's still a monumental moment in any CW star's career. Right, Juggie?

The CW

Now that Riverdale 's been renewed for a second season, the chances for more shirtless Jughead Jones have increased exponentially.