Alexis Bledel Is Katherine Heigl's Bride-To-Be In 'Jenny's Wedding'

Alexis Bledel Is Katherine Heigls Bride Be Injennys Wedding

TV 'shippers, here's one you probably didn't see coming: Rory Gilmore and Izzie Stevens FTW. Yeeeeeesssssss!

In 'Jenny's Wedding,' Alexis Bledel and Katherine Heigl will make the 'Gilmore Girls'-'Grey's Anatomy' slash fanfic'ers of world so very happy as they prepare to say 'I do' to each other. And they're both going to be such beautiful brides that we just cannot even.

But first, there's some family business to take care of.

See, coming out to the fam -- especially those members who haven't been exposed to many same-sex relationships in the past -- can be really tough stuff. Much hard. So very drama.

But as we've seen exemplified over and over again, especially over the past few weeks, love ultimately wins. So when Jenny and Kitty finally do get engaged, Jen's gotta come clean to her family unit about the real relationship she has with her 'roommate' and hope that they can put aside their traditionalist views and hop on board to support them both for who they truly are.

Judging from this first trailer for the pic, some of these folks are going to take more convincing than others (but we still have hope for each and every one to come through).

Cue all the emotions. Especially ours.

'Jenny's Wedding,' which also stars Grace Gummer, Tom Wilkinson, and Linda Emond, hits theaters July 31 and VOD on Aug. 1. We'll have our hankies ready for many tears.