Alfonso Ribeiro Promises 'Explosive Carlton Dance' Following MTV's 'Fresh Prince' Premiere

Alfonso Ribeiro Promisesexplosive Carlton Dancefollowing Mtvs Fresh Princepremiere

Alfonso Ribeiro has already proven to be a 'Dancing With the Stars' front runner, but he might stand out even further from the pack tonight after he performs his iconic move: The Carlton.

' The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ' star, who'll do his famous routine to the familiar groove of Tom Jones' 'It's Not Unusual,' couldn't have better timing: His blast from the past coincides with the MTV premiere of the '90s sitcom, which now airs every weekday from noon to 2 p.m. as part of the network’s new #Throwblock.

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'You can expect an amazing jazz routine that will set the stage for an explosive Carlton dance,' the actor told Us Weekly about this evening's show, the theme of which is 'The Most Memorable Year of Your Life.' '[I want] to get it out of the way so I get back to focusing on all the wonderful dances I came here to learn!'

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Fittingly, his 'Fresh Prince' sister Tatyana Ali will have a front row seat to watch the action. And somewhere, we bet Will Smith will be beaming with pride for his onscreen cousin.

Alfonso, along with his partner Witney Carson, shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their upcoming number:

If we had to wager, The Carlton = a perfect score. And here's a preview of what's sure to be a hit with the judges and the crowd:

Be sure to catch Alfonso's dance tonight on ABC, and tune in for your daily Carlton fix weekdays on MTV!