All 78 'Mega Man' Robot Masters, Ranked By Awesomeness

All 78mega Manrobot Masters

In the pantheon of video game icons, Mega Man is always in the shadow of cultural behemoths like Mario, Sonic, Link and Snake.

Maybe it's because the Mega Man games were too hard. Maybe it's because nobody could ever settle on whether it's 'Mega Man,' 'MegaMan' or 'Megaman.' Or maybe it's because Mega Man was never as memorable as the specialized bosses he faced.

The groundbreaking and super cool thing about the original game was that when you defeated each Robot Master , you acquired his special weapon, like an 8-bit Highlander. Across 10 titles over nearly 30 years, Mega Man has faced 78 of these quirky enemies. Here they are, ranked by special weapons and overall badassery, from worst to best.

78. Wood Man ('Mega Man 2)

Leaves. His special weapon is leaves.

77. Plant Man ('Mega Man 6)

Wood Man with prettier colors.

76. Sheep Man ('Mega Man 10)

This is what happens when you mix mind-altering chemicals with sleep-deprived game developers who have writer's block.

75. Bubble Man ('Mega Man 2)

Bubbles...really? Were they already out of ideas by game two?

74. Burst Man ('Mega Man 7)

AGAIN with the bubbles?!

73. Pump Man ('Mega Man 10)

Not even a gas pump — a water pump. If 'Oregon Trail' had robot villains, he'd be first in line.

72. Aqua Man ('Mega Man 8)

In addition to his laughable 'weapon,' his name is most likely a copyright infringement.

71. Jewel Man ('Mega Man 9)

He went to Jared.

70. Air Man ('Mega Man 2)

Kirby wannabe.

69. Top Man ('Mega Man 3)

Honestly, a boss based on Topman clothing would be more intimidating.

68. Wind Man ('Mega Man 6)

Air Man, evolved.

lil wayne - como amar

67. Cloud Man ('Mega Man 7)

He was in the cloud before it was cool.

66. Dust Man ('Mega Man 4)

Anthropomorphic Dustbuster.

65. Strike Man ('Mega Man 10)

Created by temps during a game developer strike?

64. Charge Man ('Mega Man 5)

Puberty was rough on Thomas the Tank Engine.

63. Turbo Man ('Mega Man 7)

Transformers ripoff.

62. Nitro Man ('Mega Man 10)

Also a Transformers ripoff.

61. Chill Man ('Mega Man 10)

A Robot Master should not be chill, bro.

60. Ring Man ('Mega Man 4)

Requires at least three months' energy.

59. Spring Man ('Mega Man 7)

Evil Slinky.

58. Dive Man ('Mega Man 4)

Guided torpedoes are a nice idea, but they rarely worked right.

57. Stone Man ('Mega Man 5)

Hmm looks familiar .

56. Concrete Man ('Mega Man 9)

Who has time to let a weapon sit out and dry to be effective?

55. Guts Man ('Mega Man 1)

Just a really strong robot.'re a robot, isn't that a given?

54. Solar Man ('Mega Man 10)

Not the coolest argument for solar power.

53. Shade Man ('Mega Man 7)

Sometimes these guys feel like pranks put on by the developers.

52. Bright Man ('Mega Man 4)

A potbelly with a glorified camera flash as a weapon. Mega Man creators bringing that paparazzi social commentary!

51. Toad Man ('Mega Man 4)

Acid rain was a much scarier concept in 1991. Now it's just sort of a given. Great hustle, everyone.

50. Astro Man ('Mega Man 8)


49. Pharaoh Man ('Mega Man 4)

Love how 75% of the time it just looks like the bosses are busting disco moves.

48. Sword Man ('Mega Man 8)

He's all presentation.

47. Hard Man ('Mega Man 3)


46. Tomahawk Man ('Mega Man 6)

Would not fly today.

45. Junk Man ('Mega Man 7)

Aptly named.

44. Spark Man ('Mega Man 3)

Just don't call him Sparky.

43. Blizzard Man ('Mega Man 6)

At least Blizzard Man on 'SNL' spits hot fire.

42. Ice Man ('Mega Man 1)

Truly adorable.

41. Quick Man ('Mega Man 2)

Oh wow, you're nimble! Good for you.

40. Search Man ('Mega Man 8)

It's got two heads so shouldn't it be Search Men ?

39. Slash Man ('Mega Man 7)

Looks like the ultimate villain. Too bad his special weapon is a knockoff of Guile's Sonic Boom.

38. Napalm Man ('Mega Man 5)

Has nothing whatsoever to do with napalm.

37. Yamato Man ('Mega Man 6)

After he throws his weapon, he has to pick it up.

36. Frost Man ('Mega Man 8)

When igloos attack.

35. Bomb Man ('Mega Man 1)

What Bob-omb sees in his nightmares.

34. Grenade Man ('Mega Man 8)

Bombs, grenades, what's even the difference at this point?

33. Tengu Man ('Mega Man 8)

Wut: The Sequel.

32. Crash Man ('Mega Man 2)

No hands, no problem.

31. Drill Man ('Mega Man 4)

Slightly improved Crash Man.

30. Flash Man ('Mega Man 2)

Anything that lets you do a Zack Morris time-out is OK in our book.

29. Splash Woman ('Mega Man 9)

quem é a princesa do pop

In 2008, the Mega Man franchise introduced its first (and only) female Robot Master. PROGRESS.

28. Wave Man ('Mega Man 5)


27. Magnet Man ('Mega Man 3)

Magnets, the original guided missile.

26. Cut Man ('Mega Man 1)

Scissors on his head!

25. Blade Man ('Mega Man 10)

Looks like something out of ' Silent Hill .'

24. Freeze Man ('Mega Man 7)

Finally, Dr. Wily perfected the winter solider.

23. Crystal Man ('Mega Man 5)

Scarier boss? Man on crystal.

22. Plug Man ('Mega Man 9)

Three decades later, still mining the electrical theme for baddies.

21. Needle Man ('Mega Man 3)

But is he sterilized?

20. Hornet Man ('Mega Man 9)

Hornets, whether real or mechanized, are terrifying.

19. Gravity Man ('Mega Man 5)

He thinks the tumbling hotel fight scene in ' Inception ' is adorbz.

18. Galaxy Man ('Mega Man 9)

For someone who can wield portable black holes, you'd think he would be a tad more intimidating.

17. Clown Man ('Mega Man 8)

All things considered, could've been much more nightmarish.

16. Gyro Man ('Mega Man 5)

Would be automatic #1 if it somehow involved gyro sandwiches.

15. Centaur Man ('Mega Man 6)

AKA Half-Horse-Half-Man Man.

14. Star Man ('Mega Man 5)

namoro theo james e shailene woodley

Took a page from 'Super Mario Bros.,' made the star very dope.

13. Flame Man ('Mega Man 6)

Fire bosses tend to rank high, because FIRE. But Flame Man is the weakest of the bunch.

12. Commando Man ('Mega Man 10)


11. Tornado Man ('Mega Man 9)

Wait, isn't this just Gyro Man with smaller propellers?

10. Snake Man ('Mega Man 3)

He definitely had the coolest lair.

9. Magma Man ('Mega Man 9)

Magma makes us think of when people used to quote Dr. Evil on the reg.

8. Gemini Man ('Mega Man 3)

Your horoscope says 'DOUBLE TROUBLE.'

7. Shadow Man ('Mega Man 3)

Puts TMNT's Foot Clan to shame.

6. Knight Man ('Mega Man 6)

Basically Mega Man's version of The Hound.

5. Heat Man ('Mega Man 2)

Don't be fooled by this cuddly-looking Zippo lighter.

4. Elec Man ('Mega Man 1)

The OG electric boss.

3. Skull Man ('Mega Man 4)

Looks like he should be leading Wildlings in 'Game of Thrones,' so he's probably very grizzled.

2. Metal Man ('Mega Man 2)

Probably the first dude that comes to mind when anyone thinks of Mega Man bosses.

1. Fire Man ('Mega Man 1)

DA GAWD BOSS. Just look at that prime specimen. A fire crown, liquid hot shoulder pads and a host of pyro weapons. Plus, his weapon gives you a flaming shield and shoots off a fireball, The ultimate acquisition, and way more awesome than Mario's stupid flower.