All-American Rejects Call Twitter Breakup 'The Stupidest Thing We Ever Did'

All American Rejects Call Twitter Breakupthe Stupidest Thing We Ever Did

In late December, the All-American Rejects broke up over Twitter . We think. See, it all started when songwriting partners Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler got into a rather nasty spat over dinner, then took to their respective Twitter accounts to post the details.

Both men wrote that they were done with AAR, which whipped their considerable fanbase into a frenzy — until New Years Eve, that is, when Ritter and Wheeler made up (and made out) at the stroke of midnight — while wearing party hats, nonetheless — and posted a Twitpic for proof. The message seemed clear: We're not breaking up.

Still, we wanted to be sure. So when MTV News caught up with the Rejects recently in Los Angeles, we had to ask them what was up with the band — and just why Ritter and Wheeler decided to take their beef directly to Twitter.

'It was the stupidest thing we ever did,' Ritter laughed. 'I think we got so mad at each other in that moment, that we ran to our security blankets, which is 20,000-ish people that sort of support you. It was a f---ed up day. ... So we're gonna try to write another record together — we'll see how it goes. This could be peace and out. It's over.'

'But, to answer your question about the Twitter thing, not only can I let all of our fans know what I'm doing, it immediately uploads to my Facebook too,' Wheeler added. 'And my mom follows me on Facebook, so I'm letting my mom know what I'm doing at the same time. So, two birds. She always just gets mad at me when I use foul language.'

So ... we're good? Apparently. Ritter and Wheeler said that they've already begun working in earnest on new Rejects songs and the band is very much looking forward to returning to the road this summer on the Warped Tour. So while peace seems to have returned to Rejects land, we still have to know: Just what was the big fight all about?

'Nick and I got into a pretty serious fight. We fought over a woman,' Ritter said. 'We're still sort of working things out, so it's good. When you're with somebody for a long time, sometimes you have to go to therapists. Right now we're seeing two.'

'And as long as these two guys stand between us, we're cool,' Wheeler said, motioning to AAR guitarist Mike Kennerty and drummer Chris Gaylor. 'But we're working on it. Tyson and I are about to go on a retreat, a camping retreat, with said therapists.'