American Horror Story Fans React To That Crazy, Incestuous Threesome

American Horror Story Fans React That Crazy

Remember when poor R.J. took a dozen nails to the head on American Horror Story: Cult ? That was such a simpler time. Gone are the days of mindless, grotesque murder. Now it's all about incest babies and attempted sexual assault. Never change, AHS .

But in all seriousness, Tuesday night's episode of American Horror Story ('Winter of Our Discontent') was absolutely wild. As Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) begins to lose his grip on reality, so do the writers of this very show. While that may be par for the course for AHS — after all, just last season Lady Gaga was a centuries-old witch boning Cuba Gooding Jr. in the woods — Cult seems more interested in pushing buttons than actually examining the thorny sociopolitical issues it seeks to exploit. (Spoilers ahead.)

Case in point: Kai's batshit crazy plan to conceive a 'messiah' baby with his sister Winter (Billie Lourd) to ensure the movement's future. It's not entirely incest, he explains, because as Detective Samuels (Colton Haynes) enters her, he will enter him. So Winter's purity remains intact. Whatever that means.

To quote Winter before the incestuous ménage à trois: 'I can't believe I was at the Women's March three months ago.'

Needless to say, AHS fans were a little perplexed by Cult 's latest development — and considering how much crazy shit they've seen over the last seven seasons, that's really saying something.

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Unfortunately for Winter, that wasn't the only sexist fuckery she had to endure in the episode. After Samuels couldn't get it up during their scheduled copulation — despite Kai setting the mood with All-4-One's 'I Swear' — he later tried sexually assault Winter in his car, just to prove he could.

But Winter didn't spend months campaigning for Hillary Clinton to be taken advantage of like this, so she takes justice into her own hands and shoots the slimy detective in the face. She later frames Beverly (Adina Porter) for the murder, which all but confirms that no one can be trusted in this crazy cult. They all want to kill each other. And honestly? They just might.