American Horror Story Has Sparked A Hilarious New SpongeBob Meme

American Horror Story Has Sparked Hilarious New Spongebob Meme

American Horror Story and SpongeBob SquarePants are on opposite ends of the TV spectrum, audience-wise, yet Tumblr has proven that they perfectly mash up — and it's a little unnerving. Fans have been memeing AHS using SpongeBob pics since Day 1 , but a new trend developed on Reddit recently with the unveiling of Season 6's Roanoke .

Fans take an actor who's been on the show for several seasons — sorry, Lady Gaga — and choose a SpongeBob pic to illustrate each character on the anthology series, joking how their secret identity has been ' confirmed. ' It's unclear exactly who started this trend, but we thank the internet (especially Reddit users theahsfan , funky-al , Jesus_Christa , and fistyday ) for always keeping us laughing.

  1. Evan Peters Nickelodeon / funky-al/Reddit

    The Murder House one is GOLD. Pure, unadulterated gold.

  2. Lily Rabe Nickelodeon / funky-al/Reddit
  3. Sarah Paulson Nickelodeon / Jesus_Christa/Reddit

    The 'Maaattt' part is a nice (and essential) touch. Seriously, how hasn't fake Shelby lost her voice yet from all her exaggerated hollering?

  4. Denis O’Hare Nickelodeon / theahsfan/Reddit

    You'd think the Coven pic would be hard, but then you remember that one episode of SpongeBob depicted a detached tongue, and all is set right.

  5. Mare Winningham Nickelodeon / theahsfan/Reddit
  6. Francis Conroy Nickelodeon / fistyday/Reddit
  7. Kathy Bates Nickelodeon / theahsfan/Reddit

    I'm honestly terrified to see what more ~fiery~ shenanigans the Butcher will get into on Roanoke .

  8. And since I don’t wanna leave Lady Gaga out, here’s my submission. Nickelodeon

    Gaga and Cuba Gooding Jr. having sex in the woods will forever be engraved in my brain.

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