American Horror Story’s Butcher First Creeped Us Out On Hannah Montana

American Horror Story S Butcher First Creeped Us Out Hannah Montana

This week's episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke finally gave us a look at the real Butcher, after weeks of Agnes Mary Winstead ( Kathy Bates ) portraying her in the My Roanoke Nightmare reenactment. ' Chapter 7 ' finally put delusional Agnes face-to-face with her 'maker' — before getting her face promptly cut in half by the real Butcher ( Susan Berger )

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Berger never says a word during her brief screen time, though she tweeted how 'indescribable' it was to learn she 'scared lots of folk.'

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While this is Berger's first foray into the American Horror Story universe, she's a veteran actress. In fact, you might have even recognized her from Hannah Montana , though she looked quite different without all that colonial garb.

In an early episode, she played Oliver Oken's ( Mitchel Musso ) Aunt Harriet in a flashback scene. Everyone wondered why Oliver hated gum, which caused him to remember the time his aunt leaned over his crib and accidentally spit her nasty gum out and onto his head. It's not quite as terrifying as Berger's work playing The Butcher, but Aunt Harriet temporarily turned me off gum back in the day, so she's freaky in her own way.