'American Idol' Dumps Bikini Girl

American Idoldumps Bikini Girl

There's a reason there's no swimsuit competition on 'American Idol.' And Katrina 'Bikini Girl' Darrell learned that lesson the hard way Wednesday night, when she was unceremoniously dumped from the second round of Hollywood Week after crashing and burning during the group round.

Despite the fawning attention of judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson — tempered by harsh looks and comments from judge Kara DioGuardi — Darrell's charm offensive failed to win over the panel Wednesday. She also didn't get much love from the group of three female singers she performed with on the show, who were put off by her icy diva-ish demeanor (they did, however, adopt the name Team Diva) and shocked when she called it a day and went to bed in the midst of intense rehearsals. The next morning, she refused to get out of bed when her teammates showed up to rouse her, claiming she was too sick.

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And when she did show up to breakfast hours late, makeup case in tow, and chirped, 'Teach me what I missed,' the other three singers were clearly not impressed. The result? All but one of the divas went down in flames, and Darrell was left giving a grab bag of grade-school excuses for her failure to deliver. Trying to win the judges back over, she explained, 'I was in heels since 5 in the morning, and then I was up till 3, and then I have scoliosis, and I was sitting on the floor and my back was hurting and I was so tired.'

The judges didn't buy it, and Darrell didn't do anything to soothe hurt feelings among her fellow divas, either, when she refused to participate in a group hug — saying 'fake girl' stuff just isn't her bag — before packing up her things. Darrell could not be reached for comment at press time.

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Even 'Idol' host Ryan Seacrest — who got a couple of seemingly unwanted full-on kisses from Darrell — couldn't get through, writing on his blog that he tried to call her Thursday morning (February 5) during his radio show and got her 'chipper, newly recorded' voicemail message instead, which said, 'Hi, this is Katrina, a.k.a. Bikini Girl, so go ahead and leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.'

Of course, Darrell wasn't the only one who was done in by the group sing. Fellow diva and barefoot dreadlocked cutie Rose Flack was sent home, as well as David Osmond , Ryan Pinkston, Jessica Furney, Deanna Brown and tattooed punker Emily Wynne-Hughes . Nick 'Norman Gentle' Mitchell , however, made it to the next round.

There are now 75 singers who will go on to the final two Hollywood rounds next week, which will result in the top 36.

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