America's Next Top Model Has a Juicy Booty!

Americas Next Top Model Has Juicy Booty

It's been a while since I wrote on America's Next Top Model , mostly because I think the show has reached an all-time low this cycle. I don't think it's me, either, since last night, during the tenth cycle's finale, I realized Tyra and the rest of the judges actually didn't like their three finalists -- Anya, Fatima, and Whitney -- and even enjoyed mocking them. Consider Anya's crazy, unintelligible accent, Fatima's robotic personality, and Whitney's duplicitous personality (and in some messed up way, her weight; they never stopped talking about how big she was). Never before have I felt that the judges secretly didn't want any of the finalists to win, which I think is probably why they didn't give this cycle's top prize to the most deserving model in favor of one they could make (as Tyra loves to do) a social statement with.

This is probably why Tyra and the judges made so much fun of the models all season long. The judges are raking in boatloads of cash, and even they couldn't muster the enthusiasm necessary to make it look like they cared about Atalya or Dominique. Let's not even go all the way back to the start of the season, with chicks like Kimberly (the dimmest model on the series yet) who just walked off, or the utterly forgettable, entirely self-obsessed Allison, who was forgotten as soon as she was kicked off. Anya, Fatima, and Whitney made it to the final three; Fatima got the boot for being a little too inhuman and Anya and Whitney reached the final two, but by that time it just felt like everyone involved in the running of the show was going through the motions.

Anya takes beautiful high-fashion-caliber photos even though she can't speak, while Whitney takes lower-end photos, but has personality and sex oozing off of her. This posed a conundrum for the judges, or so it seemed, even though I never bought their struggle for one second. A full-figured model has been the holy grail of America's Next Top Model for its entire run now, so it came as no surprise when Whitney -- who, don't get me wrong, is smoking hot -- took the prize from Anya. Let the world finally know: girls with 'juicy booties,' as one hairdresser described Whitney, can be models, too! Whitney will now drift into obscurity, until next season's finale when she'll be waved about in front of that season's models as if to say, 'Look at me, I'm so successful, all I can do is appear on America's Next Top Model !' I'm going to tune in next cycle, yet again, but I hope the producers figure out that the models they cast should be relatable to more than the lower end of the lowest common denominator.