Amy Smart Teases Another Crazy Sex Scene In 'Crank 2,' But You're Probably Not Interested...

Amy Smart Teases Another Crazy Sex Scene Incrank 2

Amy Smart just gave away everything about 'Crank 2'! 'It takes place three months after [Jason Statham's character] falls out of the helicopter. He lives. Uh oh. I gave it away!' she laughed on a press stop at Comic-Con promoting her new horror flick, 'Mirrors'.

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Alright, so we all knew Jason and Amy were coming back even if the first 'Crank' ended with a seemingly impossible to follow finale. But who cares about Jason's character when you're talking to the lovely Ms. Smart? Apparently the months since the first one took place have seen her character undergo some lifestyle changes.

'My character has had sexual freedom since the Chinatown scene,' she said referring to the infamous public sex scene she shared with the 'Transporter' star. So what's her character's new hobby? 'She has gotten into the world of pole dancing. You find her a couple weeks into learning how to do that,' Smart said.

So yes, the action is crazier this time around but it sounds like everything in the film is, and that includes the sex. 'Do you think they’re not going to have another crazy [sex] scene in 'Crank 2'?' she asked rhetorically. 'The venue is a horserace track. The took every idea from 'Crank' and made it ten times crazier. It was so much fun.

And what about cranking out another 'Crank' soon? When the question came up Smart flashed a big grin that spoke volumes. 'It's been talked about,' she revealed.

How should 'Crank' take it to the next level in the sequel? Should they keep cranking these films out or what?