An Artist Magically Transformed 19 Disney Animals Into Humans

An Artist Magically Transformed 19 Disney Animals Into Humans

Artist s0alaina lives and breathes Disney. In addition to going to school for illustration and doing Disney-themed character design on her DeviantArt page, she also works as a Disney princess for birthday parties. It's this love of Disney that led her to draw animals from beloved classics like 'The Lion King' as humans.

'I’ve often wondered what these animals would look like if they were human and I have enjoyed others’ illustrations of this concept. But I noticed that most of these versions lacked character consistency thus making them not quite as believable and lovable,' s0alaina said in her post on BoredPanda . 'I’ve enjoyed drawing these beloved characters and hope you like them!'

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When asked by MTV News whether or not she would be transforming Disney humans into furry and feathered versions, s0alaina said she 'can't draw animals worth beans.' Hopefully she keeps drawing more of these, then!

Check out all eight of her amazing reimaginings below.

'Lady and the Tramp'

'The Aristocats'

'The Lion King'

Simba and Nala get the humanoid treatment.


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'Oliver and Company'

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'The Jungle Book'

The Horses of Disney

Including Samson from 'Sleeping Beauty', Pegasus from 'Hercules', Frou Frou from 'The Aristocats', and Khan from 'Mulan'

For more of s0alaina's art, find her on DeviantArt , Facebook or Instagram .