An Artist Reimagined 16 Disney Princesses Who Look Like They're Ready For Halloween

An Artist Reimagined 16 Disney Princesses Who Look Like Theyre Ready

Talented artist Jeffrey Thomas gave us a brand new way to look at Disney princesses. His series, which he calls ' Twisted Princesses ' on DeviantArt, takes the classic Disney girls and transforms them into something seriously sinister. All the drawings are beautifully done but definitely make Disney films look R-rated instead of G or PG. On DeviantArt , Thomas said, 'I just thought it would be cool to see creepy looking princesses,' and we have to agree with him.

Instead of being tattoo pin-ups or women with body hair , Thomas' reimaginings of the famous Disney ladies send shivers down our spine. His princesses seem like something out of Banksy's Dismaland .

Because they all look insanely spooky, we decided to guess which horror movie they'd best fit in, since Halloween is just around the riverbend corner.

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To follow more of Jeffrey Thomas' work, you can check out his DeviantArt page or his online portfolio .

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