An Unrated 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Is Coming Soon, And It's Tied Up With An Alternate Ending

An Unratedfifty Shades Greyis Coming Soon

Was ' Fifty Shades of Grey ' not saucy enough for you? Let's see if the upcoming Blu-ray release can't fix that up for you.

Mark your calendars: 'Fifty Shades' is hitting Blu-ray and DVD on May 8, and digital platforms one week earlier on May 1. (The same weekend that 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' hits theaters, mind you. How's that for counter-programming?) Best part of all? It comes equipped with an unrated version of the film, including an all-new alternate ending.

Yes, Christian and Ana. Yesssss. Dance. Daaaaance in celebration of this glorious news. And then take your clothes off, because this is an unrated party, and unrated means nekkid .

It'll be a whole lot more nekkid than that in the unrated cut of 'Fifty Shades,' one imagines. Harder to imagine is the idea of an alternate ending. What could we possibly see in the new 'Fifty Shades' conclusion? Will Ana step off that elevator after all and throw her arms around Christian? Will the elevator suddenly plummet to the bottom floor, effectively ending any possibility of a sequel? Or will we be seeing director Sam Taylor-Johnson's desired ending, which was allegedly overruled by author E.L. James?

For now, who can say? All we know for now is that there's more 'Fifty Shades' coming our way soon, completed with all-new unrated content, and a mysterious new ending to obsess over for the next few weeks. Don't mind me; I'll just be staring out the window of my Seattle skyscraper, willing the time to move faster.