Angel Haze Conquers Her Demons In The New 'Battle Cry' Video Featuring Sia

Angel Haze Conquers Her Demons Newbattle Cryvideo Featuring Sia

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In her new clip, Angel Haze lets loose with one powerfully raw 'Battle Cry.'

Whatever your opinion is on Angel Haze leaking her debut album to pressure her label to push up its release date, you've got to respect how driven she is. (That's why she's one of our Fresh Females Who Will Rule 2014 .) And, in the 22-year-old rapper's extremely personal video for Dirty Gold 's 'Battle Cry' featuring Sia , you really get a sense of how she got that drive.

Filmed near Joshua Tree National Park, the Frank Borin-directed clip recounts Angel's journey from childhood to burgeoning 'It' girl status on the music scene. There's also an ever-so-brief cameo from Sia as an ethereal being of light -- i.e., Sia herself. The subject matter -- battles with faith, self-harm, child molestation -- definitely makes for tough viewing.

Nevertheless, seeing Angel's trying journey underscores why she'd risk anything to get her message out there, perhaps best summed up by the lyric: ''Cause you only get one moment in this life to be great/ And you can give it your all despite what it takes.'

If 'Battle Cry' and its predecessor, ' Echelon (It's My Way) ,' are any indication, Angel's got many more moments of greatness still to come.

+ Watch Angel Haze's 'Battle Cry' video featuring Sia .

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