'Anna Karenina' Trailer Brings Some Classic Keira Knightley

Anna Kareninatrailer Brings Some Classic Keira Knightley

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Keira Knightley 's pretty much the go-to girl for successful classic book-to-film adaptations anymore and for good reason: She's just so darn good at portraying the idyllic doe-eyed heroines of old.

The intense trailer for 'Anna Karinina' is now upon us, and it proves that Knightley and director Joe Wright really are an adaptation dream team. The two — who previously paired up for 'Atonement' and 'Pride and Prejudice' — have concocted the movie telling of Leo Tolstoy's masterpiece in a way that is both a faithful and subtly transformative at the same time.

Knightley's Anna is exactly as angst-riddled, troubled and magnificent as Tolstoy devised, and fellow castmembers Jude Law , Aaron Johnson and Kelly MacDonald all nimbly deliver on the scandal of her passionate affair. All the fear, pride, resistance and resilience of the beloved 19th century Russian tale just ooze from every frame.

We vetted this one as part of the year's Oscar contender package , an,d after seeing this trailer, we're convinced it's a shoo-in. 'Anna Karenina' hits theaters on Nov. 9.