Anne Hathaway And Jake Gyllenhaal Pose Naked For Entertainment Weekly, Talk Steamy Sex Scenes

Anne Hathaway Jake Gyllenhaal Pose Naked

Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal are ridiculously hot. And for this week's Love and Other Drugs ,' in which they'll be playing a sexually adventurous couple who are surprised to find themselves falling in love. And in a three-way interview with director Edward Zwick, the pair dish on connecting as friends, preparing for those steamy scenes and what kind of tape works best for covering up wayward naughty bits.

Although the director himself had forgotten about it, Anne and Jake had already been cast once as an on-screen couple when they appeared together in ' Brokeback Mountain '—where, according to Jake, their chemistry was instantaneous.

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'It was like dancing. We only got a little taste of what it was,' Jake said. 'But I remember that feeling. You know the actors that you're just going to go somewhere with.'

In this case, of course, that 'somewhere' is the bedroom—and to get in the mood to play their roles, the stars spent two weeks preparing by watching extra-sexy scenes from other movies. Unlike some other films that show skin just for skin's sake, the filmmakers wanted the nudity in 'Love and Other Drugs' to be authentic and organic, not gratuitous. Jake summed it up, saying, 'And then you have the shot of him getting up and you see his butt. There's always the, like, walk-to-the-shower shot. There's this weird cliche that happens, that's gotten under the skin of audiences. That's not really a good cinematic representation of love.'

But wait, does this mean we won't get to see Jake's butt in this movie? (Noooooooo!) Fortunately, Anne clarified just how uninhibited those sultry bits turned out to be. For example:

'Jake and I were in this amazing take,' she said, 'and he turned and caught the sheet and pulled it off me... I just thought, 'Go with it, Hathaway.''

Anne also deserves credit for taking quite a beating while filming several of the more, er, energetic scenes in the movie, which required the characters to break things, knock things off shelves, and so on—all while getting it on. She quipped, 'The lack of clothing meant that there wasn't a lot of padding, so I was constantly bruised.'

Meanwhile, lying around naked for hours at a time (with the exception of the moleskins that cover the actors' naughty parts, held on by what Jake said was 'the same tape that they used on 'Pirates of the Caribbean' to keep everybody’s wigs on') helped Anne and Jake develop a comfortable, casual friendship that continued even after filming was over. But while their onscreen relationship happened mostly in the bedroom, their real-life one is based elsewhere: in the kitchen.

'She texts me when she has questions about cooking,' Jake said.

'He's major good,' Anne confirmed.


On a sexy scale of 1-10, how would you rate Anne and Jake's revealing cover?