Anne Hathaway's Catwoman vs. Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman

Anne Hathaways Catwoman Vs

Who is the most purr-fect Catwoman in cinema history? If you picked Razzie winner Halle Berry, you really must stop smoking kitty litter. But if we're talking about the original feline fatale Selina Kyle, who has a catnip-like effect on Batman, the only two big-screen Catwomen worthy of a true catfight are 'Batman Return''s Michelle Pfeiffer and 'The Dark Knight Rises'' Anne Hathaway.

Catwoman has always been a duplicitous character — a beautiful, often demure woman by day who transforms into a stealthy cat burglar at night.

After performances in 'Scarface' and 'Married to the Mob,' Pfeiffer knew a thing or two about the beauty of crime before she signed on to bust the Caped Crusader's balls and keep him flapping back for more in 1992's 'Batman Returns,' Tim Burton's second — and last — Batman movie.

As for Hathaway, fans were ready to throw her under a bus when initial pictures of her in her catsuit from 'The Dark Knight Rises' failed to reassure, but all worries were unfounded. Hathaway is a revelation in the final chapter of Christopher Nolan's trilogy and proves that this iconic female character truly has nine lives.

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Although Pfeiffer's Catwoman and Hathaway's version are very different animals on-screen, does one stand out as the ultimate cat's meow? The ladies claws are sharpened and we're keeping score below.


Michelle Pfeiffer: After being pushed out a window by her boss and revived by alley cats gnawing at her fingers, Pfeiffer returns home to her very pink apartment and starts to angrily rip apart her stuffed animals and spray anything cute with black paint.

Anne Hathaway: Disguised as a maid at Bruce Wayne's party, Hathaway gets into Bruce's private quarters and tries to slip past him after stealing his mother's string of pearls that were locked in a safe. He busts her, but not before she jumps out a window and disappears into the night with the jewels.

Advantage: Although Pfeiffer's complete mental breakdown is unforgettable, Hathaway's cat burglary in Wayne Manor really establishes the essence of who this character is.


Michelle Pfeiffer: Although Pfeiffer wants revenge on her boss, she also wants to be 'integral in [Batman's] degradation' by teaming up with the Penguin because Batman spoiled her crime spree just as she was starting to feel good about herself.

Anne Hathaway: Hathaway owes money to a lot of crooks, but her real motivation is to get enough money so she can erase her records from every database on earth and start over fresh.

Advantage: Pfeiffer just wants to have fun while Hathaway steals to buy herself a second chance. Hathaway's reasons make more sense and even evoke sympathy.


Michelle Pfeiffer: Pfeiffer tears apart a black vinyl coat she had in her closet and stitches it together to make a body-conforming outfit complete with a mask and cat ears fit for a fetish fantasy ball.

Anne Hathaway: Hathaway goes for a simpler, less shiny body-hugging black outfit and mask that aid in her slinking around unnoticed.

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Advantage: As a security guard says to his partner after seeing Pfeiffer in full costume in 'Batman Returns,' 'I don't know whether to open fire or fall in love.' Pfeiffer sends out all the right signals.


Michelle Pfeiffer: Despite all the flashing-red warning lights, Batman keeps going back for more violent confrontations with Pfeiffer, culminating with her pinning Michael Keaton's Dark Knight on a snowy rooftop and licking his face under the mistletoe.

Anne Hathaway: Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne sees something good in Hathaway's character despite all evidence to the contrary and their mutual attraction grows even after she figuratively throws him under a bus for Bane.

Advantage: The sexual tension between Catwoman and Batman is more palpable in 'Batman Returns,' in which Pfeiffer tells Batman that 'a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it.'


Michelle Pfeiffer: Pfeiffer's Catwoman snaps pistols out of hands with a crack of her whip and slashes the face of a mugger with her metal claws. This is a woman you don't want to meet in a dark alley.

Anne Hathaway: Hathaway knows how to work those heels into the throats of attackers and takes down men twice her size with her formidable fighting skills.

Advantage: Although these two ladies have different combat techniques and Pfeiffer gets bonus points for wielding a whip, they both are equally effective at knocking men off their feet. It's a draw.

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Michelle Pfeiffer: When Batman strikes her during a rooftop fight, Pfeiffer cowers to the ground and pleads, 'How could you? I'm a woman!' As Batman hesitates and starts to apologize, Pfeiffer uses the opportunity to string up the Dark Knight with her whip and tells him, 'Life's a bitch, now so am I!'

Anne Hathaway: After Hathaway kicks gangster butt in a bar, Gotham's finest storm the establishment and completely ignore Hathaway who seems frail and helpless as she shrieks nervously on the floor. As the cops barrel through the back, Hathaway slinks out the way she came in.

Advantage: With her warm brown eyes open wide to convey a false sense of helplessness, Hathaway is scary good at hiding what she really is.


Michelle Pfeiffer: Pfeiffer feeds all the cats in the neighborhood, purrs when she talks, drinks milk out of a carton, tries to eat a live canary and even starts giving herself a bath by licking her hands and wiping her head like a cat would do.

Hathaway: Although she is indeed a cat burglar, Hathaway is never seen with a cat, doesn't act like a cat, has a costume that isn't very catlike (what looks like cat ears in the promotional photos is actually just goggles pushed up on her head in points), and is never once referred to in the movie as 'Catwoman.'

Advantage: Pfeiffer says it best: 'I am Catwoman…hear me roar!'

And the Winner Is…

Tally up the winners of each category and you'll see that this catfight ends at a complete draw. Pfeiffer's Catwoman is sexier and certainly looks and acts the part, but Hathaway's deadly Selina Kyle is deceptively docile and has a backstory as a cat burglar that is truer to the comic book roots.