A$AP Rocky's New Instagram Artwork Cost Him 100,000 Followers

Ap Rockys New Instagram Artwork Cost Him 100

Two weeks ago, A$AP Rocky 's Instagram feed started getting a whole lot more abstract. Now, it's a huge, colorful, cryptic work of art.

What started as a steady stream of darkening gray squares turned into a giant digital collage intended to be viewed on a smartphone screen. While the end result is an undeniably cool and interesting way to debut new artwork, some fans weren't into the frustrating, piece-by-piece reveal that sometimes clogged their feeds with nothing more than blank squares. The longform art piece has ultimately caused about 100,000 followers to drop off Rocky's feed.

The 'digital installation' was a collaboration with Robert Gallardo, a member of the rapper's new internal creative team, AWGE. It also sampled work by artists Daniel Arsham and Tan Camera.

Check out a Vine of the completed piece below.


A$AP Rocky's next album, At.Long.Last.A$AP , arrives June 2 via ASAP Worldwide and RCA.