Are These Dead 'Walking Dead' Characters Actually Alive?

Are These Deadwalking Deadcharacters Actually Alive

A lot of people have died on ' The Walking Dead .' But are all of those people actually dead? Given what we've recently seen on the show , our notion of who can survive what has been completely and totally challenged.

Sure, there are some people who are straight up goners. Pretty much anyone we saw get shot in the head (RIP Axel) or suffer a walker bite (RIP T-Dog) is toast. But perhaps there's a little wiggle room for some of the other people we believe are 'deceased,' like the following individuals:

  1. Duane Jones AMC

    In 'Clear,' Morgan talks about watching his zombified wife chow down on his son, Duane — but that episode, as well as 'Here's Not Here,' made it quite clear that Morgan's done lost his mind. Maybe he was seeing things? Maybe Duane's still out there, lurking about, finding his own martial arts forms to show off to his dad one of these days? Okay, probably not, but he's one of the most ambiguous deaths we have. That should say something.

  2. Tyreese AMC

    Yeah, we saw him in a grave, but what if he was just taking a nap? What if cutting Tyreese's arm off saved him from infection, and he's just sleeping in for a while? Yeah, okay, no.

  3. Karen AMC

    Speaking of Tyreese, how about his dead girlfriend? What if she's not so dead after all? We saw some charred remains wearing Karen's bracelet, sure, but that could have been anyone, right? No? Okay, fine, we just really wanted somebody from the original Woodbury to still have a shot at survival.

    Actually, on that note…

  4. Shumpert

    We never saw this Woodbury warrior go down. All we have is Martinez's story about Shumpert losing his drive once the Governor killed all of his own people. Until we get the long awaited Shumpert flashback episode, or see him poking around as a walker, we're going to go ahead and keep the dream alive.

  5. Lilly Chamblers AMC

    How about the Governor's main squeeze? Tara tells Glenn that she watched her sister die at the prison, but we never saw that happen. There was so much pandemonium going on that day (RIP Hershel, you're totally dead), so who knows if Tara saw what she thought she saw. Not that we're ever going to see Lilly on the show again — there's no reason, plus Audrey Marie Anderson is too busy being awesome with Diggle on 'Arrow' — but if you wanna fanfic, you're good to go.

  6. The Vatos Gang AMC

    They were first and last seen in 'Vatos,' the season one episode where Rick's friends discover some street toughs who are actually pretty nice people protecting an old folks' home from the undead. They were found dead in a deleted scene from season two, but deleted scenes don't count as canon, so guess what? The Vatos could still be out there! Maybe their return is part of the setup for season seven.

    Felipe's grandmother is probably dead by now, though. :(

  7. Glenn AMC

    I know this looks bad, but he's going to be A-OK , guys.