Are Ya Ready, Kids? Here Are 7 Ways Spongebob Prepared Us For Talk Like A Pirate Day

Are Ya Ready Kids Here Are 7 Ways Spongebob Prepared Us

Arrgh! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day ! Today is a day to celebrate the 'arrghs' and the 'ahoys' and the 'shiver me timbers!' And no one taught us more about how real pirates really talk than Spongebob Squarepants .

Yes, that's right. That sea-dwelling sponge blows Blackbeard out of the water when it comes to pirate terminology. In 'Arrgh!' from season one of the show, Spongebob, Mr. Krabs and Patrick head out in search of treasure. Here are seven things we learned about talking like a pirate from their search for gold doubloons.

  1. First, be confident when you're talking like a pirate. Giphy
  2. Announce yourself by saying 'ahoy!' or 'avast, matey!' Giphy
  3. Say 'arrgh!' a lot! Giphy
  4. But not too much... Giphy
  5. Know how to pronounce your cardinal directions so you don't get lost looking for treasure. Giphy
  6. You've got to look the part. Giphy
  7. Be nice to pirate ghosts and they might give you their treasure. Giphy

So enjoy the day! On Talk Like a Pirate Day, we're not measured by our wealth, but by the enthusiasm of our 'arrghs!' and by the size of our booty. (Pirate booty. Sickos.) Happy Pirate talking!