Are You Brave Enough To Find Out Your Most-Used Words On Facebook?

Are You Brave Enough Find Out Your Most Used Words Facebook

Quiz website Vonvon is making word clouds out of your most-used words on Facebook, and the results are pretty revealing. Over 14 million people have used the feature so far.

To get your own word cloud, log into the site using your Facebook profile. Then Vonvon automatically generates a colorful collage of letters that gives you a taste of what others are seeing when you update your status.

I tried it out and discovered my most-used Facebook word is overwhelmingly 'me,' which must mean I'm horribly narcissistic or something. I'm now questioning all my life choices and will actively avoid using the word 'me' so much. But 'thanks' is pretty high up there as well, so at least I express some gratitude with all of my Facebook humblebragging? I don't know. ?


Am I selfish? Do I need to start volunteering more? OMG, people must think I'm so self-absorbed. Thanks, Vonvon, for making me question all my personality traits.

In the midst of this existential criss, I asked other MTV News staffers to test out the feature. Surprisingly, 'me' is a pretty common word for a lot of people, which makes me feel a teensy bit better about myself.

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Ready to find out what your most-used words are? Head over to Vonvon .