Are You The One? Alums Tori Deal And Mike Crescenzo Are 'In Love'

Are You One Alums Tori Deal

Are You the One? has spawned some sweet love stories -- Amber and Ethan Diamond as well as Cameron Kolbo and Mikala Thomas , to give special shoutouts to some perfect PMs. And now, we have a brand-new relationship to emerge from the hit romance-themed series: Tori Deal and Mike Crescenzo are officially dating! Bye bye, Torgan...

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The New York-based sweethearts -- he was on Season 3, while she appeared on Season 4 -- caught up with MTV News to dish the deets about their romance, how Morgan reacted (he's roommates with Mike) and if the pair has already discussed babies (!). Enjoy the Q&A below, and stay with MTV News for more AYTO updates!

MTV News: How did this relationship come to be?

Tori: The very first time I spoke to Mike was before I appeared on AYTO (even though he doesn't remember). I was on my way to the [ AYTO ] audition in Los Angeles, and I sent him a Snapchat. I've had a crush on him since I watched him during Season 3. He didn't really show much interest in my snap, and I kept it moving -- and I never told him I was going to be on the next season.

I got to know Morgan halfway through the season, and we got along really well because we connected on being normal in a house full of crazy people. Then he told me he was roommates with Mike, and I almost shit my pants. I ended up with Morgan as my match, but neither one of us ever considered ourselves a couple.

When I got home from Hawaii, I had plans to hang out with Morgan and see what was up with us. The dynamics of the real world and AYTO are very different. I wasn't sure how close we'd be outside of the house. Morgan invited me over a week after we got home, and I was anxious. I was excited to see both Morgan and Mike. I never forgot what Morgan told me about them being roommates.

The first time I hung out with Morgan outside of AYTO , I realized he wasn't for me. He's a great person, but there was no spark or instant connection -- the Hawaiian magic was lost. Mike walked into the room as I'm feeling indifferent towards Morgan, and I just couldn't stop looking at him. I'm just so fucking attracted to him. As time went on, I found myself being more interested in my conversation with Mike. A feeling just came over me that I couldn't control.

Morgan and I ended things immediately after that night. Out of respect, I never brought up my attraction to Mike. I wasn't sure how serious it was at the time. Mike and I stayed in communication and talked all the time. We Snapchat-messaged until he finally gave me his number. A few weeks after intense conversations, I got super drunk and invited him to come over my apartment. The rest is history.

Mike: I first met Tori when she was hanging out on my couch with Morgan -- it was the first time they saw each other since AYTO . I was just coming back from the gym and was so sweaty and gross. I walked in and saw this beautiful girl sitting on my couch with the most infectious smile, and her eyes cut right through me. It was almost as if she could see into my soul. I was immediately attracted to her, to say the least.

At the same time, I knew she was there for Morgan -- he's my boy, so I had to keep my obvious attraction hidden under wraps. I acted like I was going to take a shower and come chill but really took 30 minutes to make myself look attractive as possible! The rest of the night, I couldn't help but ask her as many questions as possible just to get to know her. At times, I had to tell myself to chill out because I wasn't trying to step on toes. But as Emily Dickinson says, 'The heart wants what it wants -- or else it does not care' (it's one of my all-time favorite quotes).

As time went on, I realized I had to be respectful of her and Morgan until they figured out their relationship. Over the next couple of weeks, we became extremely close -- all the while having to suppress this overwhelming sexual attraction I had to her. But that was nothing compared to how much I just loved being around her. I've never had a girl that I was just friends with -- in my past, one thing would lead to another, we would mess around and the dynamic would be ruined. Tori quickly became my best friend, and I could no longer contain how I felt. I finally gathered the courage to ask her where she was at with Morgan and how she felt. She told me she felt no chemistry there and thought it was best that they just remained friends. Once I heard that, it felt like I had a glimmer of hope. At the same time, it was also very scary -- did she feel the same way I felt? What if she turns me down? What if things become so awkward between us we're no longer friends -- and worse, what if she tells Morgan?

A couple of nights later, I somehow ended up at Tori's house for a drink, which lead to two drinks then three, and before long, the whole bottle was gone. I'm sure you can guess what happened next...

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Waking up next to her the next morning was one of the scariest feelings, not knowing how she felt about it, what do I tell Morgan, was this a mistake or the beginning of something amazing. Thankfully, it was the latter, and it was the first time I started dating my best friend. Since that moment, until now, I not only consider her my best friend, but I've fallen in love with my best friend.

MTV News : What attracted you to each other?

Tori: Mike is the epitome of what I find attractive in men. Physically, he's got thick brown hair, big dark brown eyes, a handsome smile, and drippinnnnnnnn in swag. His body is a whole different story. Personality-wise, he's so intelligent (people don't even know), considerate, affectionate and honest. He's also a wildcard and, believe it or not, that's super attractive to me. I enjoy feeling like I can't control him. I have so much respect for him and who he is. When I'm with Mike, I'm just happy. I'm happy thinking about being with him. We are constantly laughing and messing around with each other. He handles my weirdness so well. He knows all of my insecurities and still manages to make me feel confident. We have such a genuine connection. Don't get me wrong -- we've had our fair share of battles already, but we gracefully get through everything. I'm in love with him.

Mike: First off, what isn't there to love about this girl? There is literally never a dull moment between us. She has like five different personas which she will literally jump into out of nowhere. She'll ask me what I want to eat for dinner in a British accent and then pop up from behind the counter with a blonde wig on and act like everything is completely normal. She makes me laugh and smile more than watching some standup routines at comedy clubs. She has the biggest heart. If something is bothering me, I don't have to say anything -- she just knows. She's so perceptive that I can talk to her about anything without judgement. She's understanding, compassionate, all-natural (no fake eyelashes, nails, plastic surgery, hair extensions). She knows who she is and loves herself for it. She has the cutest nose I've ever seen, she has an amazing ass (I mean, did you see how she can twerk? GOD DAMN!). I consider myself fire, and she's the ice. I'm more of the hothead that used to get into fights, and she's the complete opposite. She calms me down and puts me in check because I value her opinion and instantly listen to it. She's extremely ambitious; she stays focused and doesn't let the negativity bring her down. When I look at her, she's someone that I can honestly see myself with for the rest of my life. Now I know that may be a little premature after only knowing each other for a few months, but I can't see myself with anyone else -- let alone not have her in my life.

MTV News : What does Morgan think about the relationship?

Mike: Morgan is one of my best friends, but he's also my roommate. I was very conflicted about telling him. I needed him to understand that I wasn't just trying to sleep with her, but that I had genuine feelings. After some thought, I put myself in his shoes and realized I had to be a man about it and tell him as soon as possible, because that is what I would want if the situation was reversed.

After a couple shots of tequila, I walked into his room and told him outta nowhere, 'Soooo, Tori and I slept together.' At first, he was definitely a little taken aback. But as time went on, he saw that we really were happy together, and it's not like I stole his girl. They tried, things didn't work out mutually and they moved on. It has gone on now long enough where it's not awkward between the three of us -- it's actually a very funny dynamic. The three of us have had a bunch of conversations since, and we all try to be as respectful as possible. He's still my best friend, and Tori and him are still friends. From my point of view, I don't think things could have worked out any better.

Tori: Morgan is a great person. After Mike and I realized what we have is much bigger than just a casual hookup, he told Morgan in the most respectful way possible. Morgan was upset for a day or two and then continued going about his life. Morgan and I had not talked for a month before Mike and I got serious. Now, Morgan seems to be okay. He and Mike are still friends, and I have nothing but respect for the way he handled the situation.

MTV News : How many babies do you plan on having?

Mike: (Laughing) That's a good one. We joke around about how many kids we would want when the time comes, and I want three. I want two older boys and the youngest to be a girl. That way, her brothers can kick the shit outta their sister's dirtbag boyfriends.

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But we aren't thinking about kids in the immediate future. We both have so many things we want to accomplish: Travel, explore and experience -- without the responsibility of children. I wouldn't be shocked in the next few years if a stork arrives at our front door.

Tori: BABIES! Oh God. I feel like Mike was ready to start popping babies out yesterday, and I'm like, 'Can I wait until I'm 30, please?' Personally, anywhere between two and three is cool with me. Once we have our careers figured out, we'll start planning that stuff out. They would be some pretty cute seeds, though.