'Are You The One?' Dating Resumes: John Will Make You Laugh, Paige Will Make You Swoon

Are You One Dating Resumes

You can cook a bowl of rice in 60 seconds, but is it enough time to prove you’re worthy of true love? Premiering Tuesday, January 21, Are You The One? will challenge single men and women to find their perfect matches, but before the game gets underway, you can learn all about the cast members’ relationship potential through the people who know them best: themselves! We tasked the entire group with selling their most attractive features in under one minute, and we’ll be rolling out their video dating resumes in pairs each day up until the premiere. Check out today’s testimonials below.


So far, many of MTV's 'Are You The One?' contestants have pointed to their sexual proficiency within their dating resumes, but today's love-hopefuls, John and Paige, are firm on the fact that they're more than just bed-hoppers. Both say they're looking for exclusive, committed relationships, and in the videos below, John, who calls himself 'hilarious and nice,' and the self-professed 'generous' Paige make a good case as to why they're catches.

'I have a big heart -- I care about everyone and everything in the world,' John says in the first video, before diving into a telling joke. 'I wanna thank my family, the kids -- I don't have any kids, I don't think...' Paige, too, seems to wear her heart on her sleeve, and says her loving disposition makes her someone's ideal match. 'I have a lot going for me, and I want to be able to share that with somebody,' she shares in the second clip. 'I really want to meet somebody that can complement me and make me want to better myself.'

Check out the vids, and find out if these two can manage to find true love when Are You The One? premieres January 21 at 11/10c!

Photo: Mario Perez