Are You The One? Finale: These Perfect Matches Shocked Us The Most

Are You One Finale

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After last week's tragic blackout , it looked like this season's Are You The One? cast might be the first group in the series' two-year history to fail at winning the big cash prize. How could they be so clueless at eight weeks in?

Quick! Somebody ask ringleader Morgan . Just kidding.

Yet through simple finger math — Asaf 's words, not ours — the 20 love hopefuls were able to nail their perfect matches (Boom Boom Room aside) at the very last second. While some pairings were pretty expected ( Torgan , for one, and even the fairly chill Nicole and Stephen didn't seem that weird), others were strange AF, to put it bluntly. For instance:

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  • Kaylen & Asaf

    We didn't see this one coming. Smooth-talking Asaf connected with practically every woman but Kaylen — Camille, Francesca and Tori were a few — while Kaylen fell hard for Gio, then Tyler and even John for a hot second. Neither Asaf nor Kaylen are afraid to speak up and ruffle feathers, but could that work long-term? Then again, Kaylen certainly wouldn't be afraid to call out Asaf for his BS.

  • Camille & Tyler

    These two fiery personalities a perfect match? It sorta throws us for a loop — a Cyler pair-up feels like an explosion waiting to happen. Time will tell whether the outspoken New Yorker and the sarcastic Californian have the chops to make it work.

  • Victoria & John

    Please excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor following John's 'fat whale' comment. SERIOUSLY, BRO?! While Vic has a sensitive side , John isn't afraid to let his in sensitive flag fly, so we were flabbergasted to see these two paired up. Though an hour later, the duo were making out in the kitchen, so maybe opposites do attract.

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  • Julia & Cam

    The confident Southern belle seemed to have her pick of the AYTO litter, so we were surprised to see her matched with the sweet, semi-insecure Cam. Then again, perhaps her self-assuredness could rub off on the Colorado cowboy.

  • Francesca & Gio

    We admit it — following Gio's many outbursts , we've had a hard time picturing him with any of the 10 AYTO ladies. They all pretty much wrote him off, minus one kind-hearted Francesca who continued to see the best in the self-proclaimed Alpha wolf. While we have a tough time seeing these two together, Kaylen sure as hell called it !

Which couple surprised you the most? Tell us your thoughts and catch us back here at MTV News for updates on which couples fizzled and which are still going strong!