'Are You The One?' Poll: Which Chris Is Right For Paige?

Are You One Poll


Despite Chris T. 's infatuation with Shanley (who is not his perfect match , mind you), Paige was determined to score a private date with the self-proclaimed comedian during the lei challenge on last week's ' Are You The One? ' Sadly, she sucked at navigating her way through bamboo poles while blindfolded, so rather than riding the waves together, the two engaged in some deep conversation back at the house. 'I will give you a hundred dollars if you can go a day without talking about Shanley,' Paige challenged Chris. When she asked that he state five interesting facts about himself, he replied with a diatribe detailing what he looks for in a girl. Physically, Paige fits the bill; she's beautiful and doesn't wear running shoes with jeans! They're definitely attracted to each other -- but are they perfect match material?

Later that same night, a game of Spin The Bottle encouraged Paige and Chris S. to lock lips, which left both contestants confessing to a belly full of butterflies. Paige admitted that out of all the guys in the house, she finds Chris S. the easiest to talk to. 'Isn't that what this is about? You gotta find somebody you can be friends with,' Chris S. said. True that!

When it comes to looks, Chris T. is majorly Paige's type, and she chose him during the Match-Up Ceremony. But she connects with Chris S. on a deeper level, personality-wise. If only we could combine both guys, there would be no question! What do you think? Take our poll, and tune in to an all-new episode tonight at 11/10c to see who Paige continues to connect with.

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