Are You the One? Reunion Madness: Here Are The Special's Most Shocking Moments

Are You One Reunion Madness

And you thought the ending to Are You the One? Season 5 was a lot...

Right after the 22 love hopefuls failed to go 11/11 (cue Michael yelling, 'Holy crap!'), the guys and girls gathered for a reunion to open up about anything and everything that occurred when the cameras were (and weren't) rolling. From unveiling the identities of the winning combination to who is together (and who's not), here are the biggest WTF most-dramatic moments from the catch-up special (POINT, BLANK, PERIOD!).

  • From losers to champions

    The difference of splitting the 0K prize and leaving with nothing came down to three couples. During the shocking final night, Casandra was seated with Tyler , Shannon was with Derrick and Hannah was partnered with Joey . However, the matchmakers decided this was the winning combination: Casandra/Derrick, Shannon/Joey and Hannah/Tyler. While Cas and Derrick saw some similarities between them (she said they 'instantly connected'), Joey and Shannon didn't see why they were deemed compatible because (according to her) they didn't 'talk that much' in the house. In addition, Hannah 'couldn't stand' Tyler when they were living under the same roof, while Tyler could 'definitely see' why Hannah was his match.

  • Tandre update

    To put it simply, the fan-favorite couple's current status is complicated, and their future is very much up in the air. Taylor revealed that Andre 'ghosted' on her, while he admitted there's no easy way to say you 'kind of cheated on somebody' (so he definitely wasn't faithful). However, she stated she still loves and cares for him, while he said the 'feeling was mutual.' 'I think it's worth it, and I don't care what any of y'all have to say about it,' Taylor said.

  • 'I bopped her!'

    The Alicia - Tyranny showdown seemingly came out of nowhere (Taylor called out Alicia when she was in the hot seat with Andre), but boy, did it escalate quickly (words about Alicia's relationship with Edward were exchanged, and yelling ensued). From there, weaves were pulled, security intervened and T exclaimed, 'I bopped her -- I'm bopping the thot!'

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  • A not-so-surprising NYE hookup

    The duo: Tyler and Taylor (hey, they did have a spark early on). The catch: He was still (quasi) together with Shannon, more like she said they never 'broke up.' 'We slept in the same bed, we made out and we went to sleep,' Taylor confirmed to the crowd.

  • That one night of passion

    It was the sexcapade heard 'round the world -- and Kam was in the dark about it until the episode debuted. 'I found out with the rest of the country when it aired,' Kam dished, while adding that her PM 'never owned up' to his actions while they were in the Fantasy Suite. But all's well that ends well: Alicia and Eddie are dating, and what once seemed to be the most friendly love triangle in the series' history is officially kaput.

  • 'It's dead'

    Context: Ozzy describing where he stands with Hannah.

  • An 'appreciation' ring

    Hayden and Gianna are going strong : They resumed their romance after leaving the Dominican Republic, and he even gave her a sparkler to signify their connection (not an engagement bauble!).

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