Are You The One? Shocker: The Big, Bad Blackout That No One Saw Coming

Are You One Shocker

O grande notório. ganhe dinheiro

Few things can put 22 singles into panic mode faster than losing half a million dollars.

During tonight's shocking episode of Are You The One? , the cast of nearly two dozen love hopefuls were put into a tailspin when they failed to receive a single solitary beam of light during their second Match-Up Ceremony, which meant that everything they thought they knew about relationships was all wrong.

The kicker? Not only did tonight's unexpected results leave a few potential matches heartbroken, but the cast lost a whopping 0,000 — a significant increase from the Season 3 and Season 4 blackout penalties of 0,000.

Perhaps the gang should have saved their 'blackout to blackout' funeral attire for this episode, rather than the season premiere? Either way, Kam summed it up best (can we get a RETWEET!) with her statement: 'I am mad . I did not leave home to come here and lose half a million dollars. First of all, we have to split it 22 ways. That's about each.'

Okay, that's actually over ,000 each but still extremely disappointing.

To add to the dismay, a few seemingly surefire couples have been forced to go their separate ways if they want to find any success at a perfect match. For instance, Ozzy and Kathryn , who got off to a rocky start after a jealous K hit up the Boom Boom Room with Mike , only to later romantically reconnect with the Costa Rica native. There's also the very newly involved Hannah and Andre , a sudden non-match that should satisfy Andre's short-lived bitter ex Alicia . Even more surprising is the increasingly adorable Joey and Carolina , as well as the highly smitten Mike and Casandra .

The only saving grace in this entire blackout is the fact that dear Gianna is not a match with the two-timing Michael — thank the Are You The One? heavens.

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Were you as shocked as we were (not to mention the cast!) about tonight's complete and utter blackout? Give us your thoughts and find out if the Season 5 gang can get back on track next Wednesday at 9/8c!