Are you Ready for the Live Action 'Boondocks' Movie?

Are You Ready Live Actionboondocksmovie

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Now, here's something unexpected: 'Boondocks' creator Aaron McGruder has begun a new Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a live action 'Boondocks' movie — except the only 'Boondocks' character in it will be the self-hating, perpetually angry antagonist Uncle Ruckus.

But are even hardcore 'Boondocks' fans hardcore enough to fund it?

'Boondocks,' of course, began life as an acclaimed (and controversial) comic strip before jumping to television in 2005 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. And for four years, fans of Huey, Riley and Grandpa enjoyed the show's signature mix of action and commentary on modern African American life.

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But none of those characters are going to be in this film. Instead, the usually loathsome Uncle Ruckus will be getting his own spinoff feature, with Gary Anthony Williams, who provided the character's voice int he cartoon, playing the role.

It may sound crazy, but for McGruder, it was the only option that made sense.

'There's always been interest in a live-action 'Boondocks' movie,' McGruder wrote on his Kickstarter page, 'which to me was out of the question considering Huey and Riley are essentially impossible to cast. The animated feature would cost around 20 million, but a live action Uncle Ruckus movie could cost a fraction of that. So just for the hell of it we had the costume made and it was pretty amazing. To see Gary actually transform into Uncle Ruckus... it’s quite the surreal experience. I never expected the transition to be so completely seamless.'

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Whether or not the film ever sees the light of day, though, depends on the generosity of fans; with no studio support at all, McGruder is hoping to raise 0,000 by March 1, otherwise the project will be a bust. So far so good — after one day, the total is already up to nearly thousand — but an Uncle Ruckus solo movie? Really?

Looks like we're about to find out just how serious the cult behind this cult classic really is.