Aria Is A Major Suspect This Exclusive Pretty Little Liars First Look

Aria Is Major Suspect This Exclusive Pretty Little Liars First Look

Aria has been having a rough time on Pretty Little Liars this season. Between lying to her boss about ghostwriting Ezra's sophomore novel and lying to her boyfriend about her and Ezra's steamy past -- oh, and lying to Spencer, Hanna, and Emily about her whereabouts on the night Charlotte was murdered -- Aria is currently in the middle of a whole lot of drama. And it's about to get a whole lot worse.

In next week's episode of Pretty Little Liars ('Burn This'), Aria and Ezra move further with their book, but they don't get very far before major drAma threatens to derail their plans. Aria once again finds herself in a rather uncomfortable place; this time, it's a police line-up. MTV News has your exclusive first look at Aria's latest predicament.

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Does this mean Aria is Rosewood P.D.'s new target suspect for Charlotte's murder? After all, she was the one spotted on the security cameras leaving the Radley the night Charlotte was murdered. And while we know Hanna's mom destroyed the hard drive with the suspicious footage on it, it's entirely possible the police got their hands on another copy. It's also feasible that Detective Tanner has a witness who saw Aria drunkenly wondering around Rosewood with Ezra that night, which would explain the line-up scenario. After all, someone has to be responsible for picking Aria out of a line-up -- so who could it be?

Then again, it looks like suspect #3 gets called to step forward, so this could very well be a red herring. Or maybe A is just trying to frame Aria with a petty crime. Who really knows at this point.