Ariana Grande Is Ecstatically In Love On New Song ‘They Don’t Know’

Ariana Grande Is Ecstatically Love New Song They Don T Know

In May, Justin Timberlake injected a massive dose of joy into the world with Can’t Stop the Feeling! , his peppy earworm from the movie Trolls . But now Ariana Grande has sauntered in (walking side to side , probably) and stolen all the sunshine with They Don’t Know, her own bouncy contribution to the soundtrack.

Imagine putting rainbows, fireworks, and candy into a blender and pouring it into your headphones — that’s what listening to this song is like. JT lends his beatboxing skills and backing vocals to the track, as Ari defiantly stands up to haters who step in her way. I woke up with all this sunlight, ain’t got time to listen to any shade, she proclaims, vowing to dance off the darkness and taking a page from One Direction’s songbook by telling Mac Miller her man, they don’t know about us.

The Trolls soundtrack, executive produced by Timberlake, dropped today (September 23). The star-studded album features his and Anna Kendrick’s previously released True Colors duet, as well as a remix of Can’t Stop the Feeling! featuring Kendrick, Gwen Stefani, Zooey Deschanel, and James Corden.