Ariana Grande Kisses Jai Brooks: Ready Your 'Awww!'

Ariana Grande Kisses Jai Brooks

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There are many things I'm not super capable of handling before my first cup of coffee on a Monday. I'm gonna go ahead and add ' Ariana Grande Instagramming photos of her kissing Jai Brooks ' somewhere to that list -- between 'holding my own in a legit conversation' and 'basically everything.'

Judging by the shimmering geometric skirt and strapless top that Ariana's wearing, I'd say the top picture was taken on the set of her 'Break Free' video. Which means that her Janoskians boo was at the shoot, lending her moral support. Which is ah-dorable.


Jai also Instagrammed a photo of what appears to be Ariana lying on top of him, captioned: 'I miss you.' Do you think he'll accompany her to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards , where Ariana will perform her newest single? I could definitely handle that kind of red-carpet cuteness.