Ariana Grande's 'Baby I': The Most '90s Throwback Moments

Ariana Grandes Baby I

In her new video, Ariana Grande takes fans for a ride on the 'Baby I' Express down Nostalgia Road. The clip, which officially dropped on Friday, follows the Yours Truly singer as she and her pals chill out on a bus, on a roof, in the street and at a house party, always dancing and laughing — putting out a major homage to the '90s.

So, when Grande told MTV News back in July that the video would have 'lots of color. And lots of... baggy clothes. It'll make you smile,' she wasn't lying. Those are only some of the elements that throw back to the '90s — here are the other nostalgic moments from the colorful clip :

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Kickin' Old-School (Electronics)

In 2013, almost no one uses a payphone, unless you're Adam Levine in that Maroon 5 song, but still, that form of on-the-go communication makes an appearance in the clip. The boom box also makes an appearance in the clip. Grande may have been born in the '90s (1993, to be exact), but she certainly still has an appreciation for some of the decade's most-used electronics.

She Could Be a Farmer...

During the video, Grande sports some white overalls. Overalls became a staple in '90s closets, and a pair like Grande's were immortalized by fashion victim-turned-fashionista, Tai, during a party scene in the 1995 classic, 'Clueless.'

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Mariah, You're On Fire

The MC comparisons won't end with the release of this video. There are several moments pulled from the legendary vocalist. For instance, the scene where Grande rides on top of the car looks a bit like the part of the 'Fantasy' video where Carey dances in a Jeep.

As for Grande's belly-baring top, it could easily be compared to Carey's bandana top in the 'Loverboy' video. (It should be noted that Carey also rides atop a car in that video as well.) Grande mimics the classic, innocent Carey with her pair of denim short shorts that look a heck of a lot like the ones Carey wore in her 'Dreamlover' video from 1993.

Another Princess Of Pop

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It's a blink-and-you-might-miss-it moment in the 'Baby I' video, but at around the 45-second mark, Grande is spotted laying down talking on a bright-red, handheld phone. It looks a lot like Britney Spears' then-controversial 1999 Rolling Stone cover, which featured the teen singer chatting on a landline, clutching one of the Teletubbies.