Ariel Winter Won't Apologize For Looking 'Hot' In Her Graduation Dress

Ariel Winter Wont Apologize

Ariel Winter looked at her graduation party Monday, June 20. The next morning, she shared an equally photo from the night, thanking her family and friends for their support over the years as she balanced Modern Family with high school — hardly an easy feat for the ambitious 18-year-old.

'You were always there for my 1 a.m. freak outs about late projects,' she wrote. She's headed to UCLA, where she's interested in studying law .

But body-shamers overlooked her heartfelt caption and criticized her dress for being 'tacky': 'A little modesty doesn't hurt!'

Sigh. Winter beautifully fired back at them, writing 'if you hate it, don't buy it' and telling them to 'get a hobby.'

Then she posted another pic, asking fans to 'embrace all that you are.'

She ended with another uplifting message and/or Justin Bieber lyric: 'Love yourself.'