'Arrow': Did Oliver Queen Kill Sara Lance?

Arrow Did Oliver Queen Kill Sara Lance

The death that kicked off the third season of ' Arrow ' is turning into a mystery that's spanning multiple episodes - if not the whole season - and as of this Wednesday's (November 12) installment, Team Arrow is no closer to discovering Sara Lance's (Caity Lotz) murderer.

Or are they?

Though this week's (November 12) episode discounted Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), there's evidence mounting that the death of Sara may not be all it seems.

Here are our current likely suspects:

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11. Ra's al Ghul

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Well, sure, Ra's (Matt Nable) is technically the most likely suspect, as this season's Big Bad - which makes him the least likely. First of all, he wasn't even in Starling. The villainous leader of the League of Assassins could have made the order to kill Sara, but as for following through? Doesn't seem to be his style. Someone else threw those arrows - and then Sara, off a roof.

10. Nyssa al Ghul

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Why would Nyssa (Katrina Law) kill the love of her life? That said, she has no problem with following orders or taking people out... And she did seem to find out about Sara's death and get back to Starling very, very quickly. But let's be fair: this would make no sense.

9. Felicity

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More like Felicity Nope. Emily Bett Rickards' adorable hacker doesn't have a mean bone in her body.

8. Diggle

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Slightly more likely than Felicity just because Diggle (David Ramsey) has killed people in the past, but we're going to say Oliver's right hand man has been in his right mind this whole time - and with a baby to take care of, we don't see him going rogue any time soon.

7. Ray Palmer

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Brandon Routh's addition to the cast is certainly a bit of a question mark, isn't it? He may turn out to be the heroic Atom down the road, but right now he's already targeted Oliver on one front by taking over Queen Consolidated. Who's to say he hasn't targeted his superhero life, too?

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6. Malcolm Merlyn

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Sure Malcolm (John Barrowman) said he didn't kill Sara, but that doesn't mean he's not lying. Season one's Big Bad certainly hasn't reformed, and though he's more focused on keeping his daughter Thea (Willa Holland) safe, who's to say he didn't see Canary as a threat to Thea's safety? Speaking of which...

5. Thea Queen

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She's flirting with her bad side, now has a proficiency with weapons, and clearly is good at keeping secrets. But could Thea have murdered her brother's former lover? She seems to have buried the hatchet with Oliver after all his lies in previous seasons, but what if she hasn't? What if she killed Sara on orders from Malcolm - or worse, Ra's?

4. China White

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Oliver is currently tracking the whereabouts of recurring villain China White (Kelly Hu) in his Hong Kong flashback sequences. She hasn't shown up yet, but is clearly part of the tapestry of this season's story in some way. She's a killer, she hates the Arrow, and she's definitely going to show up again. It wouldn't be the most stellar reveal, but its possible.

3. Katana

DC Comics

Rila Fukushima hasn't donned the tights yet as classic DC Comics assassin Katana, and she hasn't even shown up in the present. Instead, she's revealed herself as Oliver's less-than biggest fan; and as comic readers know, Oliver's current mentor, Maseo Yamashiro (Karl Yune) doesn't usually survive to see his wife's transformation.

If Oliver is somehow responsible for Maseo's death in the past, there's no reason to think Tatsu wouldn't exact vengeance in the present.

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2. Oliver Queen

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Think about it: who has a proficiency with arrows? Who hasn't been even remotely suspected at any point? And who would tear Team Arrow apart the most if it turned out they killed Sara? Oliver has the most to lose if it turns out he killed his ex-girlfriend, and it would mean everyone else turning against him. We're not suggesting he did it on purpose - brainwashing is certainly on the table - but Oliver being revealed as the killer would easily pack the most dramatic heft.

1. Annalise Keating


...And THAT'S how you get away with murder.

Who do you think murdered Sara Lance? Let us know in the comments below.