Artist To Watch: Echosmith Are About To Be The 'Cool Kids' They Sing About

Artist Watch Echosmith Are About Be Thecool Kidsthey Sing About

I come from a family of four kids, but the coolest thing we've ever done together is surprise my parents with an custom-made .

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Who they are:

You think these guys are too young to have a record deal now? There are some pictures of Echosmith ready to rock in what must have been their grade-school era. These kids were focused on one thing from the very beginning: music. Back then, they were called Ready Set Go!, but as they grew up, so did their band name.

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They eventually landed on Echosmith, which they've said in multiple interviews stems from the concept of a blacksmith, but in shaping sounds instead of metal. The siblings grew up in Toluca Lake, California, so Los Angeles was always looming. When you pair that with their dad's job, the band practically forms itself.

They signed with Warner Bros. Records back in 2012 and began working with producer Mike Elizondo, who has worked with the likes of Tegan & Sara and Regina Spektor . The group wrote about 80 (!) songs and had to whittle that number down to just enough to fill their first album. They released a three-track sampler in June of last year, right before they hit the road on Warped Tour for the first time. Then last October, they finally released their debut album, Talking Dreams .

Rainbow confetti album artwork? Check.

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Why you need to listen to them:

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There's something to be said for four siblings who not only manage to get along, but make music in the meantime! There's a special synergy that this young group shares, and their strong bond is revealed in the emphasis their songs place on togetherness. Yet, the crisp, indie-pop backbone of their sound stops them from drifting too far into cheesy territory. As the lead vocalist, Sydney Sierota is the de facto leader of the band, and she especially shines on defiant, glistening anthems like 'Nothing's Wrong.'

Seriously, this girl serves the attitude up with no reservations. Check out her commanding stage presence.

Since that performance at MTV's Artist To Watch Kick Off Concert, they've begun their second stint on the Warped Tour, and have slowly and steadily made a name for themselves the old-fashioned way: touring, touring and more touring. Sure, 'Cool Kids' is their standout song, but these kids aren't one-hit wonders -- they're in it for the long haul.

What you need to listen to:

Well, since I keep name-dropping 'Cool Kids,' that's definitely a good place to start! With its dominant guitar lines, it's definitely their catchiest song, and it totally encapsulates that longing we've all felt to be cool at some point. It's a concept that's just universal enough to strike a nerve with everyone -- even the Regina Georges of the world have had their moments of exclusion.

Watch the exclusive MTV Artist To Watch performance of 'Cool Kids' below!

But for those looking for something with a little more of a folksy vibe, Echosmith can do that too. They just released a special, acoustic EP called Acoustic Dreams on June 10, and they put the unplugged version of their song 'Let's Love' on Soundcloud as a free download .

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While Sydney is still front and center, the harmonies are heavy on this one, and the song's huge drums and hums bring The Lumineers to mind. The message is a carefree, passionate call to love while you're young and live with no regrets.

How You Might Know Them:

Even if you didn't realize it, you may have already heard some of Echosmith's music. Back in 2012, NBC chose to use one of their early, non-album tracks in a promo for that year's summer Olympics. The amped-up sound of 'Tonight We're Making History' is much more pop-punk than a lot of their laid-back album cuts, and it's easy to imagine them fitting in with the other bands on Warped Tour while listening to this track.

Then again, their contribution to the 'Endless Love' soundtrack is the hushed, heartfelt number 'Surround You,' a song that includes music box tinkling and enough emotion to make you tear up. How can teenagers write about love and loss with such precision? They are astonishingly accomplished for such young musicians.

Where You'll See Them Next:

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Echosmith will be performing on Warped Tour this summer for the second time in a row. Previously, they've opened for bands like Owl City and Neon Trees . Maybe it's time for them to embark on a headlining tour of their own? For now though, they're excited to be part of Warped Tour again.

Keep close watch over these kids in the coming months, their family bond -- not to mention that undeniable talent and ability -- is taking them straight to the top.