Arya Stark, Syrio Forel And Meryn Trant Finally Patched Things Up On Twitter

Arya Stark Syrio Forel

I think we can all agree that the ' Game of Thrones ' season five finale was a trainwreck of emotions, killing off characters left and right ( unless they didn't ), and generally leaving us all an emotional mess for the next year until the show comes back on the air.

But there's one good thing to come out of all that horror, and it's this amazing Twitter exchange between the actors who played Syrio Forel, the swordsman who trained Arya in season one, Meryn Trant, the sadistic Kingsguard-man who killed him, and Arya Stark herself.

It all started when Syrio ( Miltos Yerolemou ) congratulated his murderer ( Ian Beattie , IRL) on going out with class:

Naturally, Beattie responded in pitch perfect Meryn Trant style, with the requisite amount of acid tongue:

...And that's when Maisie Williams , who plays Arya, got involved:

Beattie responded, placing blame firmly where it lies:

While Yeromlemou had his own, particular take on the exchange.

Valar morghulis, boys. Valar morghulis.