Ashley Benson On Joe Jonas Flirtation: 'We Could Make A Cute Couple'

Ashley Benson Joe Jonas Flirtation

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File this under Surprising Celebrity Twists: One of the most well-known of Hollywood's ' Pretty Little Liars ' is actually super-duper extra-strength honest in real life. Ashley Benson , who's September's Seventeen cover girl, recently sat down for an interview with the magazine—and totally opened up about her hidden talents, her penchant for being a big meanie and what's really going on between her and Joe Jonas.

First things first: Despite their very public flirtation on Twitter, there's nothing official between Ashley and the ubiquitous Jonas bro.

'He tweeted me,' she explained. 'We know each other just from hanging around. It's so funny because once you tweet someone, everybody sees it. And they're like, 'Oh my God, is she going out with Joe Jonas?' I got so many messages, and the next day it's all over these gossip sites, 'She's going out with Joe Jonas!' I was like, 'Oh no! I'm not going out with him!' We're just very friendly.'

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Whoa, whoa, whooooa—wait a second, are you saying that not everything we see on Twitter equals real actual romance?! Ridiculous! But if you were shipping for Ashley and Joe, you'll be happy to know that she hasn't ruled it out, either.

'I think we could make a cute couple, definitely,' she admitted. 'I could definitely see us being more than friends.'

Hopefully, this isn't news to Mr. Jonas (although if it is, it's a pretty cute way to let a guy know that you're crushing). But if he's reading Ashley's remarks, he might be scared off by the next revelation that her preferred approach to flirting involves copious amounts of abuse . Her technique?

'To be really mean and sarcastic,' she said. 'Boys like it when you're mean. That's what I'm best at. I make them feel so bad about themselves, all out of fun.'

Yeah, that...sounds fun? Sort of? And we wish Ashley all the best in destroying the self-esteem of her crushes! (And pssst, guys? If she hurts your fee-fees, you're welcome to come cry it out on our shoulder.)

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Would you give Ashley's big-meanie flirtation a try?