Austin Butler Tells All About His Love Triangle On 'The Shannara Chronicles'

Austin Butler Tells All About His Love Triangle Onthe Shannara Chronicles

Wil Ohmsford has quite a bit on his plate: Not only does ' The Shannara Chronicles ' character (played by Austin Butler) learn that he represents the last of the legendary Shannara family (and that he must locate the Druid who will guide him to his destiny), but the kind and thoughtful character is also juggling the affections of two ladies, Amberle (an elven princess portayed by Poppy Drayton) and Eretria (a human portrayed by Ivana Baquero). So what was it like for the half-human/half-elf's alter ego to act as someone who is engaged in a love triangle?

'They’re both incredible,' the actor revealed to MTV News during San Diego Comic-Con . 'It’s not a bad day at the office.'

Kirsty Griffin

Still, Drayton couldn't help but crack a fun question about his fictional situation. 'But who do you prefer?' the British starlet jokingly asked the actor.

Kidding aside, Butler admits that he isn't jealous of the Four Lands native's romantic predicament.

'Women are confusing enough as singles, and then you add one on either side. And as a guy, I think that’s really confusing,' the thesp explains. 'I’m glad that it was a TV show and not real life because I don’t know what my own mind would have done with it.' Truth, Austin. Truth!

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