‘Avengers’: 21 Burning Questions We STILL Have About The Vision

Avengers 21 Burning Questions We Still Have About Vision

It's been two months since ' Avengers: Age Of Ultron ' crashed into theaters and we still can't stop thinking about one of the movie's best features -- namely the Vision, the android superhero played by Paul Bettany. Seriously, the dude stole every scene he was in, and he didn't even show up until the movie's third act.

Maybe it's because he was barely on screen or maybe it's just Bettany's sheer magnetism, but we really want to know literally everything about the Marvel movie version of the Vision, and we've had a LOT of time to come up with questions:

  1. What does the Vision do in his free time?

    Cap and Falcon go off looking for Bucky, but what about Vision? Does he just, like, fly around? Hang out at the Avengers headquarters?

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  2. Does the world know anything about Vision? Marvel

    He’s one of the Avengers, but if he was walking down the street would people recognize him as such? Or would they just think he’s a weird face-painted stranger?

  3. Does Vision need to sleep? Marvel

    He did dream in the chamber but now that he’s out, does he ever have to recharge?

  4. Does Vision need to eat? Marvel

    Shwarma, anyone?

  5. Do The Avengers really think of the Vision as an elevator? Marvel

    That ain’t cool, guys. He has feelings and stuff.

  6. Vision totally stole the cape look from Thor, right? Marvel

    Come on. He totally did and now we all ship it.

  7. Speaking of which, how come there aren’t any amazing ship names for Vision? Marvel

    Come on, y’all. If I know two things about the Avengers fandom, it’s that they love shipping everybody and they looooove coming up with ridiculously clever names for ships, like Freebird for Captain American and the Falcon. What’s Thor/Vision? Visionson? Thunderbot? Cape Bros?

  8. How soon before Vision hooks up with Wanda? Marvel

    They’re married in the comics so it’s only a matter of time.

  9. Also, HOW are they going to hook up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u3kfnKt1Vg

    At least Elizabeth Olsen's tried to answer that one already.

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  10. What specifically is it about the Vision that makes him worthy? Marvel

    Is it his cape and his super totally obvious love for Thor? Probably.

  11. Does the Vision ever wear clothes? Marvel

    Technically all the stuff he's wearing on his body is a part of his body, which technically means he's naked.

  12. How much more does Vision know about the world than the rest of the Avengers? Marvel/Disney

    When Ultron was first 'born,' he trolled through the entire Internet to come up with the best ways to beat the Avengers. It seems like a lot of what the Vision knows about the world comes from that initial data-gathering session -- but how much did ULTRON know in the first place?

  13. Does the Vision ever help Helen Cho with her research? Marvel

    It would be nice of him, since Ultron almost killed her to make him.

  14. Does Vision have any idea what's up with the Quantum Realm? Marvel

    Okay, sure, the MCU version of the Vision and Hank Pym really don't have anything in common, but given how mysterious and knowledgable the Vision is about everything -- AND his ability to change his own density -- maybe he'll have some insight into how Hank can rescue his wife from shrinking forever outside of space and time.

  15. Will we get to see more of the Vision's phasing powers? Marvel

    Being able to phase through solid matter -- kind of like Ellen Page's character in the 'X-Men' series -- is of the Vision's most well-known powers in the comics, and we saw it show up in a lot of the promotional material for 'Age of Ultron.' But I sort of feel like we didn't get to witness all that much phasing in the actual movie itself, because Vision was too busy flying around and lasering things with his Mind Stone. More, please!

  16. Does the Vision have the power to stop computer viruses?

    He basically tried to take over Ultron's brain by overriding it with his own AI, as you can see in the above clip . Wonder if there's any way of channeling that ability into the greatest McAfee Removal Tool of all time.

  17. Which side of 'Civil War' will Vision be on? Marvel Comics

    He’s all noble like Captain America is, so he might side with him on whatever the big problem of the next movie could be. Plus, he was pretty anti-Tony in the comics...

  18. Does Vision know that Thanos is on the way? Marvel Comics

    As we pointed out after just seeing the movie, Vision was pretty optimistic about humanity's chances despite how doomed we are. But did he have a specific doom in mind -- like the oncoming Infinity War?

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  19. Is Vision going to make it through to the end of the Infinity War? Marvel

    And on a related note...

  20. What happens to Vision if the Mind Stone gets taken out of his head? Marvel

    Does he die? Stop functioning? Cease to exist altogether?

  21. Does Marvel KNOW how obsessed we are with the Vision? Marvel

    Because if so, you'd better give us more of him. For real.