Avengers: Infinity War Has A New Release Date Thanks To Robert Downey Jr.

Avengers Infinity War Has New Release Date Thanks Robert Downey Jr

Avengers: Infinity War is hitting theaters sooner than anticipated, thanks to Robert Downey Jr. On Thursday (March 1), Disney announced that the superhero flick had been bumped up a week ahead of schedule, from May 4 to April 27, 2018 — and all it took was some playful nudging from RDJ on social media.

Thanks, Dad!

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The reason for the impromptu switch is unclear, but with Deadpool 2 opening May 18 and Disney's other hotly anticipated film, Solo: A Star Wars Story , flying into theaters on May 25, it's possible that the studio wanted to distance Infinity War from the overstuffed month of May altogether. After all, the move will only help Solo dominate the box office come May with minimal intrusion from those pesky Avengers — if that scruffy-looking nerfherder can ward off the Merc with a Mouth's dirty tricks.

Not to mention, the move strongly indicates Disney's confidence in the film. Marvel movies always make money at the box office, but seeing as this one is hot on the heels of Ryan Coogler's record-breaking Black Panther — and prominently features T'Challa and Wakanda — Infinity War is certainly living up to the hype.

So, mark your calendar because Avengers: Infinity War is cruising into theaters April 27, 2018.