B2K Get Real With IMX, Loved Ones For Next Video

B2k Get Real With Imx

When it comes to reciprocating adoration, B2K are equal-opportunity practitioners.

In their video for 'Gots Ta Be,' they prove to be boys of the people by bonding with their fans. And in their next clip, 'Why I Love You,' they take it one step further, shedding any signs of superstardom and spending time with the people who helped them make it to the top: friends and family.

J-Boog, Omarion, Lil' Fizz and Raz-B just completed filming 'Why I Love You' in the group's main stomping ground of Los Angeles, according to a spokesperson for the boys' label, Epic. Erik White, who also helmed B2K's 'Uh Huh,' directed the video.

In addition to showing what the guys do in their time outside the spotlight — like playing basketball and going to the movies and the mall — the group spends time with some of its real-life inner circle. IMX (Batman is Omarion's brother and Romeo is Fizz's big bro) and newcomer Jhene (Lil' Fizz's cousin) also make cameos (see 'Between Toilet Pranks, IMX Produce Music For Solange, Whitney, Mya' ).

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'Why I Love You' is scheduled to hit the air sometime in July.

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