Bad Blood Wrap-Up: This Is What's Become Of The Season 32 Real World Cast

Bad Blood Wrap Up This Is Whats Become Season 32 Real World Cast

This season of Real World featured a whole lot of bad blood -- and during tonight's brand-new episode, the largest cast in the series' storied history said goodbye to this raw and real experience.

MTV News recently caught up with most of the roommates to hear how their lives have changed since leaving Seattle, what their current status with their frenemies from the past is and what advice they would give to anyone who might want to 'stop being polite' in the not-so-distant future. Take a look at their honest answers below, and share your favorite memories from this season in the comments!

How has your life changed since leaving Real World ?

Jenn : Peter and I moved in together, and we have an adorable puppy! Life is great together, and I couldn't be happier that we stayed together. The casting producers called it: They said in my final casting interview that I would probably be the one to fall in love on the show, and now look at me!

Mike : Things have been a crazy roller coaster ride between the press events, social media exposure, recent breakup and random people asking me to take pictures with them at the worst times possible (morning after a wild night when I look like I’ve been hit by a truck, to name one instance). Everything else has been pretty low-key, although my definition of low-key is chaos to the average person. The main thing I have been working on is a fitness supplement and clothing line which will be released in the next few weeks called URBAN supplements.

Anika : My life has significantly changed since leaving Real World . I gained a larger social media following and, of course, I'm randomly getting recognized from the show when I am out. I have made some new friendships as well.

Will : Not too much has changed, but I will say the ladies are sliding in my DMs more.

Peter : Life has changed so much since Real World ! Between getting recognized by random people and social media, it's just life-changing.

Jordan : My life hasn't changed too much other than just being recognized and having people take pictures with me, which is fun!

Anna : I somehow managed to become even more laid back and easygoing. I wasn't an insecure person before the show, but now I actually find myself embracing my flaws that set me apart from others. I also appreciate the people I choose to have in my life a lot more.

Robbie : Life hasn't changed much since Real World . Still the same guy chasing the same dreams!

Theo : Now sometimes when I go to the bathroom, someone will see me go in the stall and they will say, 'Man, aren't you Theo? I hate that you got kicked off, man.'

Where are you currently living, and what's your occupation?

Robbie : I still live at home with my family. If your mom cooked like mine, would you leave? Don't think so! I still work the same job at Hurricane Productions as lead entertainer.

Mike : I am still living in Manhattan, and I’m currently working as a bartender.

Peter : I currently live in Hoboken; I am bartending and going to different agencies for acting/modeling.

Jordan : I am still in downtown Chicago; I am modeling and still working as a hairstylist. And now with this platform, more things to come!

Jenn : I'm still in Hoboken, and I'm a hairdresser.

Anika : I just moved from New York to Los Angeles. I work for myself and am building my lifestyle website,

Anna : I am still living with my dog in our little apartment in beautiful Orlando. I am loving my new job working for a wine and spirits distributor as their Orlando representative.

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Will : I am still in Philadelphia working two jobs but plan on moving soon.

Theo : I'm back in Kankakee for now, and I have been modeling.

What is your current relationship with your bad blood?

Jordan : Orlana and I are back to being best friends. I love that girl, and I'm happy to have her back in my life. We currently talk every few days, and I see her when I'm in Ann Arbor.

Mike : My relationship with Peter has definitely improved back to how things were before everything went down. The show helped us resolve the issue, and I’m still in the process of paying him back.

Peter : I'm on good terms with Mike. We have the same publicist, so we go to a lot of similar events.

Jenn : Rob and I don't speak. We're both in relationships and haven't communicated since leaving Real World . I felt like he attacked me and threw me under the bus when we recorded the aftershows, and I feel like his 'friendship' with me during the show was fake and for the camera.

Robbie : After the show, we went our separate ways. She got her closure and moved on.

Anika : I'm cordial with Will, but there is no friendship there. We have only spoken once since the show, and that was for business reasons. I wish him well in all his endeavors.

Will : There's no relationship between my badblood and me -- after the show, we just went our separate ways.

Anna : My bad blood is also my family, so I have to see her on holidays (whether I like it or not). We're currently taking time apart to focus on ourselves (aka we broke up again).

Theo : There isn't one.

Who do you keep in touch with from your season?

Anna : Our house was basically a family -- the girls were all sisters, and we treated the guys like our brothers. I love them all -- some more than others when I'm living with them, though. I will be lifelong friends with most of the cast. For the guys on my season, I keep in touch with Will, Kass and Mike. I became pretty dependent on Will's fashion advice, so I'm constantly snapping him for outfit approvals. As for the girls of my season, I talk to Kim , Tyara , Anika and Jordan pretty regularly. Whenever we speak to each other, it's like picking up where we left off in the Real World house.

Jordan : I mostly just keep in touch with Orlana, Theo, Anika and Tya.

Mike : I have brief conversations with Katrina , Anna, Jenn, Peter, Anika, Jordan and Theo. Not as much as I would like -- things have just been so crazy. I’ve been wrapped up in other things.

Anika : I'm still very close with Jordan. I have seen her the most since the show has ended. I speak to Lana often. I stay in touch with Theo, Tya, Katrina, Anna, Peter, Mike and Jennifer. I wish I talked to Kim more. I don't really keep in touch with Robbie, Will or Kass. All in all, I have love for everyone and wish everyone well.

Theo : I speak with Jordan and Anika.

Will : I stayed in contact with almost everyone on the show, but our conversations are more on social media. The only person I haven't stayed in contact with is, well, you know who that person is.

Peter : I honestly don't keep in contact with anyone besides Jenn and Mike.

Jenn : I talk to Lana a lot! We are trying to plan a date to visit each other. I talk to Tyara once in a while too. Anika as well! I also see Mike from time to time with Peter when we go to the city.

Robbie : I try to keep in touch with most of my roommates, but life is crazy for all of us right now.

What do you miss most about the Real World ?

Jordan : Probably just having constant fun and things to do with 13 other people. My daily schedule there was far from normal, but it was fun to be around everyone. I miss that!

Mike : I miss the crazy nights when everyone would be having a good time. No drama, tears or fights.

Peter : I honestly miss just being in that environment. Between the cameras and different people, it was just a life-changing experience all around. I would love to do something like this again!

Jenn : I miss Seattle the most and some of the roommates. Living with people day-in and day-out for two months straight, it's hard not to miss everyone once it's over. The experience was amazing, and I didn't want it to end.

Anika : I miss the amount of time I was able to spend with all of my roommates and having a break from responsibility. It's so hard to stay close now that everyone is back in the real world...literally.

Will : I miss my roommates, going out to different places every day, the producers, and of course the beautiful Seattle ladies.

Theo : Realizing every day that I am waking up in the Real World house.

Anna : What I miss the most would have to be just getting to live my life with Katrina. Living in that house made me feel like a kid again.

Robbie : I miss the unpredictability.

What is a favorite memory you shared with your roommates?

Mike : Playing that game where we picked dares out of the hat. I don’t think I've ever laughed that hard.

Anika : My favorite memory is when we went to Ocean Shores. The whole cast was still there, everyone was getting along (for the most part) and we were right smack in the middle of the experience.

Jordan : The trip to Ocean Shores was my favorite time in the house -- no drama, and I got to spend some real quality time with my roommates in a new place! Flying kites was like my favorite day!

Anna : I remember at the Tia Lou boat party, we were all dancing together and having a great time. Alcohol is flowing, Robbie is DJing, and it was just a moment we were all getting along. Kim, Katrina and I pulled out the purge masks and put them on. I think it was the only time I've ever seen Matt [a producer] smile. We continued to dance with them on, taking turns wearing them, while freaking out the people at the party.

Robbie : My favorite memory was DJing Tia Lou's every weekend.

Jenn : There were so many memories, I don't think I can choose one specific time. Between bonding time in the house, Peter's surprise party when we all came together to make it a special birthday for him, the indoor trampoline place, dates with Peter -- the entire time was one amazing memory.

Theo : The last day I had in the house before I left, the OGs had a heart-to-heart in the confessional. I will remember that forever.

Peter : My favorite memory was when we went to Mount Rainier and saw that beautiful view!

Will : Paintball gun shooting -- that was an epic day, even if it did hurt like hell.

What advice would you give to a future Real World cast member?

Mike : Be yourself and stay open-minded. Meeting people from around the world and getting to know them, their beliefs, struggles and life outside of Real World gives you a perspective on who they truly are. It's really such a beautiful thing meeting strangers in the beginning who become potential lifelong friends down the line.

Peter : Have an open mind and try to understand where people are coming from. It's an awesome experience -- make the best of it.

Anika : My advice would be to live in the moment. I spent so much time trying to figure out what was next and what I was going to do after that I didn't fully get to enjoy the experience of actually being there.

Robbie : When you're living the experience, just stop for a moment and take it all in. Before you know it, you will be home, and all you will have are the memories.

Jenn : Don't go on the show if you're in a relationship or 'dating' someone like I was. I'm not a horrible person, so it hurt to see I was portrayed as a cheater when I'm not one. Do not let mean people push your buttons and cause you to get out of character. I acted in ways I never have, and I'm mad at myself that I let people get under my skin and cause me to snap. Lastly, just have fun. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so make the best of it!

Jordan : Be genuine and open to learning about yourself. You won't realize it until you are done, but if you are open to it, you can learn and grow a lot. So give everything a chance.

Theo : Stay true to yourself, don't allow someone to get in your head and just have fun. Not many have experienced this or will get to.

Will : Be yourself, try not to kill one another, and watch what you say and do.

Anna : Tell your story or someone else will.

Use one word to summarize your Real World experience.

Jenn : Empowering. I learned so much about myself and grew as a person in those two months. I had ups and I had downs, but I walked out of there with my head held high loving myself and loving Peter. I'm so thankful I was able to be a part of this cast, and I'm even more thankful I left the house a stronger person than I've ever been.

Robbie : #maserobbieetakeover

Anika : Epic.

Anna : Dream.

Will : Astonishing.

Mike : Debauchery.

Peter : Yolo.

Jordan : Growth.

Theo : Ha.