'Bad Grandpa': Go Behind The Outrageous Strip Club Scene

Bad Grandpa Go Behind Outrageous Strip Club Scene

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'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa' hit theaters Friday, but the movie only tells half the story. As viewers will glimpse in the closing credits, what went on behind the scenes was just as much fun as the movie itself.

Earlier this week, MTV News' Josh Horowitz sat down with star Johnny Knoxville to talk about the challenges inherent in filming a prank movie.

'There's so much unknown, and you can't control,' Knoxville said. 'You just keep fishing and fishing until you get that one reaction. Not only am I excited — the whole crew — it's a different feeling.'

Talking about the stand-out beauty pageant scene at the end of the movie in particular, 'When we got that, the crew was just hugging, and happy,' Knoxville said. 'We went out and got loaded that night!'

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Meanwhile, Knoxville's diminutive co-star Jackson Nicoll was feeling something different: nerves. The most nerve-wracking part? 'Probably taking off my clothes and everybody saw my bra. It was up to here!' Nicoll said, gesturing to right above his waist. 'It was nuts!'

Also pretty nuts was the strip club scene, which finds Knoxville's Zisman at an all-male revue showing off a little too much.

'I was so excited to get there. I knew we were going to get gold, and I knew there was a real chance of it going wrong,' Knoxville explained. Over the course of the night spent talking to strip-club patrons, Knoxville had 'a couple of drinks.' And by the time the strippers actually went on, 'I'm hammered ... and I'm no longer [grandpa] Irving Zisman! I'm a drunk Johnny Knoxville, and I'm jumping over rails. ... That strip club is one of the best things we ever shot.'

Knoxville's explanation is one thing, but see for yourself: 'Bad Grandpa' is in theaters now.